A Howl In The Woods

A Howl In The Woods – I guess I’ll throw away the book that wasn’t burned. More than 1/3 of the way and I can still tell it’s a library tour. I just wasn’t interested enough to listen to this for two weeks. That kid is FAT. And that’s a shame, because the book has some really good ideas for a good read. Maybe people want to read in libraries or something. I need more. I think I’ll choose some non-fiction next time. Little Thieves didn’t help me either, but this is short so I can finish it. I’m actually at 10% so there’s still plenty of room to screw up and the style is fun.

Otherwise, not much happens. I have family drama in the background and it bothers me. I’m not sure how I’d feel if I was in Poland watching it all. Sometimes I’m glad I’m so far away that I can pretend some things aren’t happening, that they aren’t. Wake up and don’t remember because I didn’t see it.

A Howl In The Woods

I keep thinking about making videos but can’t find the time. My writing workshop ended last week, but I put all my passion into editing my next book, not sure when I’ll draw anything. I thought the rainy season was coming and I would have to stay inside, but is it really warm and sunny there? I’m not going to complain too much… I edit a lot because my writing aspirations are under the sea right now, so I want to finish that book and send it to people and get real ideas instead of thinking (because obviously I think the worst possible ideas and I have them). I think Mind Drummer is dead. According to the wisdom of Reddit, 120,000 words is a long way for YA fiction these days. A white woman writing about the jungle is also a big no-no. Instead of ending this story, I’ll just focus on the next one.

A Gust Of Wind, A Howl Of Snow…

Sorry I’m not too happy haha ​​Hope you can continue to enjoy the comic! Check back next week!

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