How Big Is 45 Centimeters

How Big Is 45 Centimeters – Our size chart is accurate about 94% of the time. So reading this page is a very good idea, if you want to get the right size.

Shoe size is bloody confusing, especially when you go from a system you know to something foreign (e.g. American to European). Not adding to the confusion are different shoe manufacturers having different “fits” (the excessive vanity of that!) and some countries have multiple size scales (e.g. US where there are 2 scales for men and 2 for women).

How Big Is 45 Centimeters

Instead of relying on size conversion charts, we recommend that you MEASURE YOUR FOOT and instantly find your European shoe size… and we recommend that you do this even if you are familiar with European sizes!

Photography Cenador De AmÓs (32 X 45 Cm)

The first step is to create a circumference of your foot and determine the length of your foot in cm (see how to do this here). Then you can calculate your European size according to this formula:

This means that if your foot length is 28.5 cm, you need to add 1.5 to get 30. Then multiply 30 by 1.5 to get a European shoe size of 45 (assuming you don’t have a very wide foot, in which case you might consider going up a size to 46).

If you would like us to check the circumference of your foot and provide the value of our tuppence, we will be happy. Just send a photo to, ideally with a tape measure or ruler visible on the paper, toe to toe on the outline.

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