How Do You Say Do You Speak Spanish In Spanish

How Do You Say Do You Speak Spanish In Spanish – Are you just starting out in Spanish or don’t understand Spanish well and Spanish speakers keep talking to you in Spanish?

With a little practice, you can learn additional extremely useful phrases in Spanish that will help you impress your interviewer. Isn’t that cool?

How Do You Say Do You Speak Spanish In Spanish

I’m Maura, a spring Spanish teacher, and in this video I’m going to help you add variety to your Spanish with these 15 essential Spanish words to say you don’t speak Spanish or Spanish!

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Okay, so in this section we’re going to focus on the parts you can use if you want to feel like you know Spanish, but their limitations.

Hello, buenos días. How are you; Soy tu vecina de al lado, solo queria pasar a saludarte y darte la bienvenida al edificio. Y, claro, decirte que estoy a la disposition si necesitas algo porque…

(Hi, good morning. How are you? I’m your neighbor, I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the building. And of course, I’m here for you if you need me. It’s okay because… )

As you can see, I do not deny my ability to speak Spanish, I adapt it to my level. Otros chunks que puedes usar y que tienen la misma vibra, serian: (You can use other chunks that have the same vibe:)

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Estoy a la disposición (I’m at your disposal) is one of the things Spanish speakers say to be kind, open and welcoming, especially to strangers.

Escuches que escuches esto cuando una tienda, por ejemplo he can enter. (For example, you might hear it when you walk into a store.) It’s a nice, almost formal way of saying “I’m here,” in the most natural, confidential way. Use it whenever you want someone you don’t know well to know they can trust you about something.

If you’re a curious cat like me and want more chunks like this, click the link in the description to access our free Essential Spanish Chunking Kit.

Now, as I said before, we can also approach this situation from the point of view of not having the full ability to speak Spanish. It doesn’t completely negate what you understand, but focuses more on what you can’t do or what your Spanish doesn’t have. Según tú, claro. (In your opinion, of course.) So, back in our role-play, you could say:

The Best Ways To Say Now In Spanish

Hello, buenos días. How are you; Soy tu vecina de al lado, solo queria pasar a saludarte y darte la bienvenida al edificio. Y, claro, a ponerme a la disposition si necesitas algo porque…

(Hello, good morning. How are you? I’m your neighbor, and I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the building. And of course, if you need anything, I wanted to be there for you because…)

Before I forget, watch to the end if you want to know what requests can be included in these parts and how your interlocutors need to speak to understand them.

You can add other places that follow the idea of ​​Mi español no es muy bueno (my Spanish is not very good):

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I like “Aún no hablo español” (“I don’t speak Spanish”) because even though it only adds one word, aún (yet), it emphasizes the fact that it’s a matter of time and saves your brain a lot. Positive Attitude.

The latter adds just one more word, mucho (very) No hablo español (I don’t speak Spanish). However, it is important to note that these emphatic words: mucho (much) and poco (a little) are very useful in making what you say more precise.

A good thing. Here we will look at the questions that are very useful in these situations and, to be honest, we will look at todos los que aprenden un nuevo idioma saberien saber. (Everyone learning a new language should know.) Using the same example as before, this time focus on my answer.

I’ve actually been asked this by many in the comments. I promise that he is working on it. (I promise I’m working on it.) But if you still think my Spanish is too fast, let me know in the comments using this I just learned part.

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On the other hand, saying estoy aprendiendo español (I’m learning Spanish) is a good way to respond empathetically to the other person. I know I’ve tried it myself when learning a new language and I’ve found that most people really respond positively to it.

The request to speak more slowly is, of course, necessary even for advanced students. Don’t forget to add goodness to it and the following alternatives:

These two are very helpful if you know the reason you’re getting confused is the amount or complexity of words used.

Sometimes people’s accents get in the way of the meanings you know, so asking people to write it down if it makes sense in context can be a real lifesaver.

Ways To Say Mom In Spanish

Finally, when learning a new language it’s generally normal to need larger amounts, so don’t hesitate to ask if you think this is a problem. Be warned, this might make people squeal a bit, not in a negative way, but be prepared to laugh if it does.

I am a Venezuelan actor, writer, director, editor, translator, immigrant and refugee working as a freelancer in Madrid (including teaching and learning English, Spanish and French). I grew up on a small Caribbean island that I love to death, but this is the fourth country I’ve lived in and it won’t be the last. I’m a proud ninety-something struggling Millennial. I’m interested in animals, people, physics, representation, and anything cinnamony.

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