How Far From Dallas To Waco

How Far From Dallas To Waco – Magnolia Avenue is a busy tree-lined street in the popular Near Southside. Dine al fresco on one of the many patios while sipping a variety of wines available at Magnolia Wine Bar, Grand Cru and Ellerbe Fine Foods. All offer great selections by the bottle or by the glass.

This mile-long strip of mom-and-pop shops is where the locals gather. Grab a hat from Fort Worth Locals or update your dining wear collection with handmade bowls and cups from Kendall Davis Clay. Create your own art to take home at SiNaCa Glassblowing Studios.

How Far From Dallas To Waco

Dive into a wide variety of culinary experiences featuring cuisines from around the world, from the Egyptian vibe of King Tut to the Hawaiian tang of Poke Poke, with dozens more in between.

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You can rest at a local bed and breakfast, such as the Rosen House Inn, an early 20th century B&B in the pleasant surroundings of the Fairmount neighborhood, or the nearby Texas White House Bed & Breakfast, owned by local chef Cindy Lucio.

Tap your boots to Fort Worth’s newest artists by tuning into Amplify817, a commercial free streaming service featuring local artists. You’ll sing Fort Worth all the way to your next destination.

Book a weekend getaway at popular Magnolia properties. The charming houses are beautifully decorated in Joanna’s classic style. Carriage House and Magnolia House comfortably sleep 6-8 guests, while Hillcrest Estate offers up to 12 guests.

After checking in, head over to Magnolia Market in the silos for a day of shopping. Magnolia Press Coffee Shop and Silos Baking Co. waiting for a perfect afternoon. Feeding a hungry crowd? Visit Magnolia Table, dine alfresco at a riverfront restaurant, or patronize a locally owned restaurant in the heart of downtown.

Planning A Trip To Magnolia Market

Fixer Upper fans, rejoice! The Magnolia Trail self-guided driving tour includes stops at all the favorite shops from the hit TV show: Harp Design Co, JDH Iron Designs, Little Shop on Bosque, a drive past Cottonland Castle, Fixer Upper homes, the Waco Grand Karem Shrine Building (the future Magnolia Hotel), downtown Waco and Wacon suspension bridge.

Visit Fort Worth in partnership with Visit Wacoto and create this itinerary. Both organizations encourage visitors to practice social distancing while exploring the sites. About a year ago, my family took a road trip to Waco, Texas to play. We went to the zoo and did fun things, but my ultimate motivation was to visit Magnolia Market. We loved her hot new show and wanted to see all the fuss in real life. My husband grew up in Waco so it was fun to ride with a “local” and see the changes, old houses and cute shops. But I had my eye on making that deal. Little Bosquella.

It was a shop the size of a postage stamp. Small, cute, everything you thought it would be. A showcase of Joanna’s decor items from her hit show Fixer Upper. I bought a #SHIPLAP t-shirt that I’m proud to show off because I love this crazy decorating/remodeling duo.

Guess where we are!? A photo posted by @huntandhost #shiplap #fixerupper @themagnoliamom @chippergaines Hunt and host (@huntandhost) on Mar 17, 2015 at 8:45am PDT

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The number one question I got when I posted our pictures on social media was… Is it worth the drive?

To be honest, I had a hard time answering this question. My love runs deep and the store was cute, but was it worth the ski trip? I didn’t feel confident.

Well, it was small and there are fun things to do in Waco, but not necessarily with Magnolia Market. So…I think I made vague comments about how fun it was and “hey look at my shirt” but I ran with the tip and shouted from the rooftops “YES…ride it now!!!”

A year later and Magnolia Market in the silos is open and running at full capacity. So…you know I had to check it out and see if my feelings change! Fortunately, I live about 1.5 hours away from an easy land wind shelter.

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My girlfriend and I woke up at 11:00 and waited in line based on all the hype I’ve read on Facebook. Pleasantly surprised, we walk right in. The staff admitted that they can get over 6000 people through on the weekend so we were lucky it was only moderately full.

We were immediately absorbed into the atmosphere. Every detail of this shop is lovely. If you like Joanna’s choices but don’t know how to put things together, this is the place for you. There’s display after display of innovative vignettes showcasing their style that you can easily replicate in your own home. I don’t think there is anything for sale on the market that hasn’t been presented in some valuable way. Yes, you can shop online, but shopping is more than just buying things. It’s a series of decorative lightbulb moments. You can tell that things change with the season and if you come back later to visit, the goods and scenery will be different. He is fresh.

Although Joanna frequents the Roundtop, most of the store’s products are replicas, which is necessary when you’re selling at Magnolia Market’s scale. However, there are a few original items available, such as their famous brand letters. The products are well priced which means there is something for everyone and every budget. There’s even a HUGE back room of items for sale that I’ve been stockpiling! Of course, I also got a new t-shirt to commemorate the trip. We wandered the store for over an hour and when we went to check out our finds, it was clear that my friend and I each saw things that the other had missed. That means there are TONS to take in!

The silos are still under renovation and it seems to be a bit quiet about what is really happening, but the anticipation is electric. The buzz is that the silos will include their bakery (Magnolia flour) and possibly their furniture selection…who knows…I can assure you it will be great, even if it’s just a bathroom. 🙂

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Next to the silos is a precious little garden, bright and beautiful, carefully tended and a sweet place to take the load off after all the shopping.

You can grab lunch from one of the unique food trucks parked on site in the large outdoor dining/lounge/playground. I had the adult grilled cheese and tomato soup which was delicious. I can only imagine how much fun my kids would have had running around on the large grassy area that I saw other families taking full advantage of. Oh – and speaking of bathrooms… there’s a nice semi-hidden one outside, they really even made it nice!

When talking to the employees, they talked so much about the family, how friendly they are, how wonderful the children are, and how family-like the work atmosphere is. This lifted my heart to know that they are what they seem. This mini-utopia created by the Gaines family is inspiring, beautiful, family-oriented goodness that you don’t come across every day. There are hints of Jesus all over the store.

I saw an interview where Joanna says she felt God gave her a platform. I have no doubt that God has blessed this family in a way that only He can in return for them to step out in faith and share their faith so boldly. It’s just one more reason why they have my vote.

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I’m so in love that I want Fixer Upper style for everyone, so I’m starting a new series here at Hunt & Host…Magnolia Market DIY. If you live too far or don’t have the budget, I do projects to get the look for yourself for no money. I can’t wait to get started! Make sure you stay up to date with what’s going on.

Wait while I climb up on the roof and scream as loud as I can, “YES… get in your car and go STRAIGHT NOW!”

I hope you’ll check out the projects inspired by my visit to Magnolia Market…starting with my Spring Mantel.

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Waco’s Magnolia Market is another must-see on your trip to Texas. Plan to spend at least a few hours to see and do everything Magnolia Market has to offer.

Chip and Joanna Gaines moved and restored the church on the Magnolia Silos property to offer a moment of peace when visiting the area.

C **leslie's Fried Chicken Shack** (diner) Waco, Dallas, Texas Postcard!

The Texas heat can be exhausting. Be sure to grab some sweet tea in a mason jar from Magnolia Market’s Alabama Sweet Tea truck.


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