How Far Is Dallas From Waco

How Far Is Dallas From Waco – A year ago my family took a road trip to Waco, Texas to play. We went to the zoo and did fun things, but my primary motive was to visit the Magnolia Market stores. We love their hot new shows and want to see all the commotion in real life. My husband grew up in Waco so it’s fun to ride with the “locals” and see the changes, old houses and fun shops. But my eyes were on the shop. The little one in the bosk.

It is a postage stamp size store. Small, cute, everything you thought it would be. A display of Joanna’s decorative items from her hit show Fixer Upper. I bought a #SHIPLAP t-shirt that I’m proud of because I love this crazy decor/makeover duo.

How Far Is Dallas From Waco

Guess where we are!? @huntandhost #shiplap #fixerupper @themagnoliamom @chippergaines A photo posted by Hunt and Host (@huntandhost) on Mar 17, 2015 at 8:45am PDT

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The number one question I get when I post our pictures in social media land is… is it worth it?

To be honest, I have a hard time answering this question. My love runs deep and the store is cute, but is it worth the cross-country trip? I don’t feel safe.

After all, it’s small and there are fun things to do in Waco, but not necessarily in conjunction with Magnolia Market. So… I think I made a vague comment about how the shirt was cute and “hey, look at my shirt”, but I got around to shouting from the rooftops “yeah…get over here now! !!”

A year later and the Magnolia Market at the Silos is open and running smoothly. So… you know I have to check it out and see if my feelings change! I was lucky that I had about 1.5 hours of easy country windshield time left.

E Waco Ave, Dallas, Tx 75216

My girlfriend and I stopped by around 11:00 expecting a line based on all the noise I read on Facebook. Shocked, we immediately turned inside. The staff admitted that they could get more than 6,000 people on a weekend, so we felt lucky that it was just packed.

I was immediately drawn into the atmosphere. Every detail of this store is delicious. If you love Joanna’s pics, but don’t know how to put it all together, this is the place for you. There are display after display of innovative vignettes that showcase your style that you can easily reproduce in your own home. I don’t think there is anything for sale on the market that isn’t displayed somewhere in a valuable way. Yes, you can shop online, but there is more to a store than buying stuff. It is a series of moments of decorating bulbs. You can tell that things change seasonally and if you come back to visit later, the things and the scenery will be different. He is fresh.

Although Joanna frequents the Roundtop, most of the items in the store are reproductions, which is necessary when you’re selling at the scale that Magnolia Market does. However, there are some original items up for grabs, such as his famous marquee letter. There’s a wide range of prices, which means there’s something for everyone and every budget. There is even a huge sales room in the back that I spent! Of course I also got a new t-shirt to commemorate the trip. We wandered around the store for over an hour, and before we got out and repeated it, it was clear that me and my friend , each saw things that the other missed. That means there is a ton to choose from!

The silo is still under renovation and it seems pretty quiet about what will actually go down there, but the anticipation is electric. Buzz says the silo will house their bakery (Magnolia Flour) and maybe their furniture line…who knows…I can assure you it will be big even if it’s just a bathroom. 🙂

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Next to the silo is a lovely little garden, bright and beautiful, carefully maintained and a wonderful place to relax after all the shopping.

You can grab lunch from any of the unique food trucks parked on site in the large outdoor dining/rest/play area. I had a delicious mature grilled cheese and tomato soup. I can only imagine the fun my kids had running around in the large grassy area that I saw other families taking full advantage of. Oh – and speaking of bathrooms… there is a large semi-hidden room outside, and they even have it so beautifully!

When you talk to the employees, they praise the family, their kindness, how sweet the children are and how the work environment is a family atmosphere. It makes my heart soar to know they are what they look like. The mini-utopia created by the Gaines family is the kind of inspiring, beautiful, family-oriented goodness you don’t find every day. Throughout the store there are hints of Jesus.

I watched an interview where Joanna said that she felt God gave her a platform. I have no doubt that God has blessed this family in ways that only He can in return for them stepping out in faith and sharing their beliefs so boldly. That’s just another reason they get my vote.

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I’m so hooked that I want fixer upper style for everything, so I’m starting a new series here at Hunt & Host…Magnolia Market DIY. If you live far away or have zero budget, I will launch the project to see for yourself for nothing. I can’t wait to get started! Be sure to look forward to the action.

Hold on while I stand on the roof and scream at the top of my lungs, “Yeah…get in your car and go now!”

I hope you’ll see a project inspired by my trip to Magnolia Market…starting with my Spring Mantel.

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Things To Know Before Visiting The Silos In Waco, Tx

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Don’t let go of this opportunity! Subscribe to our free newsletter and get new projects, ideas and inspiration straight to your inbox! On a cold Sunday afternoon in December, my husband learned that his job would take him to Dallas for Christmas and that our entire family would be joining him on his trip. Within about three seconds of the motivational announcement, I Googled this:

Because, folks, if I were within driving distance of Waco, Texas where I could fulfill my dream of visiting the Magnolia Market at the Silos, I wouldn’t have a hard decision to make. Asking if I want to visit the silo is like asking if the water is wet, or if the ice is cold, or if the milkshake is good, or if the book is better than the movie. The answer always points to yes.

You see, the dream comes from watching 79 episodes of Fixer Upper on HGTV (some are reruns). It has been honed every time I walk through Chip and Jo’s Target department. I like the aesthetics. I love how the show’s video can capture a clump of wild thistle growing on a broken fence in the late afternoon sun and make me think, “I want to go there. I want to see that scene in person. The exact grass against the exact grass. fence that.”

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So, two days before Christmas, my family and our best friend, who was also in Dallas for the week, headed down 1-35 to Waco.

I’ll shoot straight and be honest: when I stand in the parking lot and see the silo in my own, I have a little time. It’s more like a fan of the show. It’s more than respecting what Chip and Jo have built. This is because gratitude washes over me – grateful that something I saw from afar (and long wanted to see up close) is right in front of me, grateful that the sun is shining, grateful that I share the experience. My husband and daughter I am grateful that the beautiful and healthy environment invites people to rest.

It was one of the sweetest and most relaxing evenings: warm sunshine, great company, beautiful things to see in the store, delicious options from food trucks to samples, large mason jars of sweet tea to enjoy, and benches and picnic tables. To relax along the outdoor patio. As a special festive touch, Christmas music plays in the background to boot.

And now that we’re talking about shoes, I have to tell you that because of your kindness, my whole family got a pair of shoes.

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Wearing cowboy boots is the right thing to do when you’re in Texas. Also, I now know that shoes make me feel more confident. When I first slipped on that beautiful light brown pair with the sweet embroidery and pointed toes, I grew two inches. Not from the heel, mind you. Just from

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