How Far Is Oklahoma From Here

How Far Is Oklahoma From Here – On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh, a former soldier deeply influenced by the literature and ideas of the radical right, parked a Ryder truck carrying a five-ton powder bomb outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Not long ago, the explosion killed 168 people and injured 675 people.

Follow the events – including deadly encounters between American citizens and law enforcement at Ruby Ridge and Waco – that lead McVeigh to carry out the worst domestic terrorist attack in American history. With the onslaught of rage against the government still with us, the film This is a matter of caution and the most timely warning.

How Far Is Oklahoma From Here

2017 Peabody Award Winner for Documentary and 2017 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Production

Oklahoma Boat Registration Number Decal Information

Archival Sot: Klaver: — Review applications and vote to approve or reject requests to be…

Archival Sot: Klaver (cont.): … and I can attend board meetings and present my information directly to them…

Archival Sot: Reporter: – All I could see was that part of the building had been blown away. We will have to lean to the other side so that I can see better. However, the explosion occurred around 9:00 in the morning. And we felt the explosion in the Channel 9 newsroom at least 8 miles from downtown.

Archival Sot: Reporter: About a third – about a third of the building was blown away. This is just destruction.

How Big Is Oklahoma City, And Why Does Its Size Make It Unique?

BOB RICKS, FBI SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE: I wasn’t in my office that morning. I was at the fundraiser about 30 km away. It started – nine o’clock when suddenly my phone went off and I was told that there was some kind of explosion in the Murrah building. My biggest fear is that we have thousands of victims. There could be thousands of people in that building at any given time.

Jerry Flowers, Police Inspector: I was assigned to the Oklahoma City Police Department at the time. And we immediately began to work our way to construction. There were several cars parked on the north side of the building in the parking lot, all on fire. Black smoke rose up. When he got there, there was a hole in the ground the size of a swimming pool, thirty feet in diameter and about seventy feet deep. feet Just a big hole in the ground. That’s when it really started to sink in that it had to be some kind of bomb.

Randy Norfleet, U.S. Navy SEAL: The ninth floor collapsed from the eighth floor to the seventh floor… and when all three floors reached the sixth floor, the impact threw me into the west wall of the building. And it broke my skull and left me unconscious in the wreckage. Collapsed.

Ruth Schwab, Housing and Urban Development: My office is on the eighth floor, near the elevator. I came quickly but did not see anything. My eyes are in bad shape. I heard moaning and felt that I should have done something. And I can’t.

History Of Oklahoma

Jennifer Rodgers, Police Officer: When I first got there, I saw people stuck on floors and they needed help. So I entered the building. I was like…”Why Oklahoma City? It is a peaceful place. Nothing happened here. It shouldn’t happen here.”

Bob Ricks, FBI Special Agent in Charge: When I got to the scene, it had all the hallmarks of a bombing. Before that, I worked on international terrorism at FBI headquarters and worked on several cases in the Middle East. It looks almost similar to some of the destroyed buildings in Beirut and similar places.

Janet Beck, Social Security Administration: You know, we always have threats… You say to somebody, “I’m sorry, but your claim is denied,” or whatever, and you know, we’re going to get threats. , but nothing we ever thought was possible.

Archival Sot: Matt Lauer: There was a massive explosion at the federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It happened a while ago. Most of this building has collapsed and fallen from the rest of the building. We don’t have specific numbers of injured or dead at this time, but we can tell you that the situation is clearly dire.

Oklahoma City Photography Locations

Helena Garrett, mother: I’m trying to remember the building, where will it be? If I have to dig for my son, where should I dig? And so I did. I imagined the first floor, the second floor, the nursery here, his bed Will be here, and that’s where I want to be. As I began to climb over the rubble and debris, I remember a man yelling, “You can’t go up there, it’s too dangerous.” And I remember telling him, “Our children are there, our children are there”. I continued, “Our child is there.”

Claudia Denny, Mother: When I first saw this building, I couldn’t understand how anyone could survive like that. So, at that point, I thought, “My baby is gone.”

Jim Denny, father: I drove down there and met Claudia. We reached the neighborhood and I asked the officer, I replied, “We There are two children in the nursery. Can I come in?

Jim Denney, father: I’ve seen people covered in blankets, towels, whatever, disappear. And I pray that one of them is not a child.

Daily O’collegian; The O’collegian, 1950 03 01

Jon Hersley, FBI investigator: I know a lot of people in the building. I know the DEA agents in the building, I know the ATF agents in the building, and those guys are my friends. I can not believe what happened to them all and how this happened ? How can anyone get to the point where they are so angry and angry that they do that?

Archival Sot: McVeigh: Who Started the War? And who is the aggressor? That’s how I view the Murrah bombing. For me, it is not the beginning of the war, it is a counterattack. The war has already begun. Do you think you are cruel? Let’s see how you like it when the fight is brought to you.

Bill Morlin, Reporter: Northern Idaho. It’s a quiet place, it’s a predominantly white place, and it’s a place where everyone minds their own business. In the 1980s, many extremist groups found refuge there.

Archival Sot: Extremists: (White Power!) What do we want? (White power!) What do we need? (White power!) What do we need? (white power!) …

Moving To Oklahoma

Jess Walter, writer: The Aryan people have settled in Hayden Lake as the headquarters of hate, extreme right-wing hatred.

Archival Sot: Richard Butler, founder of the Aryan nation: We, the white race, have lost the war. The disaster known as the Jews won the war, it entered the blood of our race in all the countries where we live.

Leonard Zeskind, Author: Richard Butler, like many on the far right, believes that the federal government is in Jewish hands. And the only way to save America is to assert your Christian sovereignty, your white Christian sovereignty.

Archival Sot: Richard Butler, founder of the Aryan nations: Every major city in the United States is now white-free after the destruction of our race in the so-called Civil War, or War Between the States. America will become white and Christian again. One day there will be more blood. I do not support it and I do not want, but it comes as sure The next day at night and the next night at day.

Oklahoma City Times (oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 83, No. 167, Ed. 2 Friday, September 1, 1972

Bill Morlin, reporter: In the 1980s, whites became the minority in America… Group His tribe used it as a calling card. Join us as the white race is driven to extinction.

Daniel Levitas, writer: The Aryan race attracted people from all walks of life who were white, and everyone was looking for someone to blame for the situation. And they focused their anger on the federal government. People like Robert Mathews.

Bill Morlin, reporter: Robert Mathews appeared among the Aryan people in the early 1980s. And there he met other young men like him who thought it was all talk, no action. Bob Mathews said, “It’s time to act.”

Archival Sot: Robert Mathews: JEWS OUT OF HERE! I didn’t come all this way to listen to you! Go away!

Turner Falls Park (davis)

Mark Potok, reporter: Bob Mathews wants to start a revolution. He sees the United States government as a complete and utter enemy, controlled by Satan’s Jews, who must be destroyed.

Bill Morlin, reporter: He has about a dozen other followers, most of whom he’s met

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