How Long Is 42 Inches

How Long Is 42 Inches – Okay, so now I have to stretch the dress. I measured how tall the little one is (and you should do this while they are awake, not sneak into their room while they are sleeping and measure them). ​​​​​​I got 42 inches from the back of the neck to the ankle. So, I’m cutting a size 8, I chose a number – in this case 2 – and set it for a seam allowance, about 5 / 8 inches from the cut line. This is like an inch down, but it just means a little extra hem.

Now, I measure 43 inches from that point. 42 inches long, plus 1 inch for the hem – I’m going to make a narrow hem, not the large inches and quarters as marked on the pattern. So, I marked this at 45″ – 42 inches how long I wanted it to be, plus 1 inch for the hem, plus 2 inches so when I started measuring. it means?

How Long Is 42 Inches

Now, I drew my new, longer cut lines. I saved the angle of the dress and the slight curve at the bottom.

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Repeat for the next section. A note on extending or shortening printed patterns – most of the time, they will have a line somewhere that says “lengthen or shorten here”. This is the best place to make your changes, because of the way the pattern will come together. In other cases, like this dress, you can easily add extra length to the hem, or, when you’re done, create a deeper hem than specified on the pattern.

Most of the patterns that “lengthen or shorten here” are only three or four inches. After that, things start to get weird, and you might be better off buying a different pattern or waiting until you’re comfortable making those adjustments.

My other pieces are cut out, and now my sleeve is placed on the fabric, ready to mend. The grain line is measured, and the part is pinned down.

See this curve at the bottom? I want to keep it up my sleeve. Given the sleeve I’m making, it’s not really necessary, but it would make a nice drapey sleeve if I did.

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Here is the new sleeve all pulled up. You can barely see the lines, and I’m sorry for that. I used a washable marker to draw this.

This is it – that curve at the bottom of the sleeve. You can’t see it very well, because of my blurry drawing and how light the marker is.

This is when I took that side of the pattern piece, and rolled it out, even on both sides, to make a nice, full sleeve.

This is my cut out sleeve. I didn’t cut exactly on the lines I drew. ​​​​​​I got down there, and realized I wanted it a little longer on one side, so I cut it longer.

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