How Long Is 6.5 Inches

How Long Is 6.5 Inches – The Truth About ‘Girl Thumbs’: Why Women Overestimate Their Penis Size For every man who worries that his penis isn’t big enough, there’s a woman who thinks it’s much bigger than it really is.

Once in college, Nick connected with a petite girl who was lying next to him after intercourse and told her something he didn’t expect to hear. “You have a huge stick,” he said. “Like, that’s intimidating.

How Long Is 6.5 Inches

“I was a little taken aback,” says Nick*, a resident of St. Louis, who is 26 years old and works in sales. She lost her virginity at 16 and had sex with a handful of partners during that time in college. But none of them ever paid that much attention to his penis.

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After his other girlfriend offered similar observations, Nick, who believed his penis was normal, thought he should measure it. He did, and after researching the internet, he found that his seven and a half inches were in the 99th percentile for men. He was “overwhelmed” and admits it “made me feel very special and definitely proud.”

Nick recently had sex with another woman who told him she had a big dick. Déjà vu made him wonder how big he thought he was explicitly. “She said, ‘I don’t know, 10 inches?'” Nick recalls. He responded with a light laugh and said, “No. No way.”

This last scenario that Nick recounts is a manifestation of what the Internet calls “girl thumbs,” a problem of penis size misperception that is far more prevalent among the non-penis than many size-conscious people might have guessed. of the penis .

Urban Dictionary defines “girl thumbs” as “when a girl thinks a guy’s dick is much bigger than it really is.” “So when a girl sees a stick that’s about 6 inches,” the site says as an example, “she’ll think it’s [sic] 8 or 9.”

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“I was with a girl who was convinced she’d never been with a guy under 8 inches, which is statistically very unlikely,” one male Redditor wrote. In another post on the subject, user arusach said his penis is six-and-a-half inches long with a five-and-a-half-inch girth — “not too big,” he revealed, but “bigger than average.” Arusach wrote that he showed it to a woman who “thought it was 8 or 8.5 inches” and then told her “it’s not that big,” but she “still argued.” At last he exclaimed, “So what?”

One guy even came up with a formula for girls’ inches, because calculating “actual length” plus two “imaginary inches” is clearly the wrong approach. Girls’ thumbs, he declared, “are much more complicated than that.”

For men who have penises smaller than five and a half inches, “your size in girls’ inches will decrease by one inch,” noted user 192cmcock. If your penis is longer than 5.5 inches, which is generally considered average, “your size increases by exactly 1.5 imaginary inches.” Why? Because “we all know the average girls’ penis is 7 inches, right?” she wrote (The universe should “trust” this formula, 192 cmcock continued, because her seven and a half inches have twice been identified as nine inches, she wrote.

For eight-inch birds they only round up to 10 inches in girls minus 192 cm of cock, and from eight and a half inches, girls are consistently overestimating by three or four inches. “At 9 inches and up, believe me, there’s no formula anymore,” he concluded, “just say you have a 16-inch club and you’ll be out easily.”

Why Women Overestimate Penis Size: Truth About Girl Inches

In the comments, a Separate Tea user who identified herself as female said that this pattern is being verified in her personal experience. “I didn’t realize how big 7.5 inches really was until my ex literally measured it in front of my eyes and I realized how inaccurate my estimates were,” she wrote. “I thought it was 9 inches…exactly what the post pattern predicts LOL, that’s why I was dying to see it.

Why is there such a misunderstanding about penis size among the female community? Is it because, as one Redditor surmised, they’re “biologically wired to be attracted to penises and therefore see them as bigger than they are”? Maybe when they give a blowjob, another Redditor hypothesized, they get so close with their penises that they look much bigger?

No, despite the phenomenon’s gender-biased label, “girl thumbs” exist for most of the same reasons that men have the exact same disability.

“Girl thumbs are actually ‘boy thumbs,'” says Magnus Cox, 35, a well-known web developer in Ohio who writes the blog The Big Dick Guide — well, you can find out. Cox started the blog because it was extraordinary

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A large penis (8.5″ x 6″) generated unique life experiences and wanted to help inform other well-endowed men.

The two main reasons for girls’ thumbs, in Cox’s opinion: men lie about their penis size all the time and porn.

Men often do not post a truly representative size of their penis, either because they are completely ignorant, misinformed, or driven by social pressure to impress their sexual partners. A 2019 medical journal study found that only 27 percent of participants said their penis was less than six inches, while 31 percent of men rated it as greater than seven inches. If both results were accurate, they would push the average penis size well above the accepted median of five to five and a half inches.

“Tens of thousands of penises have been measured and we know the average,” says Cox, adding that the number of men measured for science may be even higher. Guys tend to pull a seven- or eight-inch number, Cox continues, but in front of women, “They don’t throw out the ruler [and] measure, because the last thing you want to tell them is, ‘No, that’s a five.’

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In his blog post about girls’ thumbs, a phenomenon he calls “hilarious,” Cox summarized all the ways porn uses camera tricks and casting, among other methods of deception, to exaggerate the size of the penis in the frame . “But the biggest thing porn does is simply lie about dick size,” Cox wrote. “Most porn actors are at least above average size, and some are really big, but it’s not uncommon to see them add three to five inches. If the porn says that a seven-inch dick you see is 10 inches, then when presented with a penis in real life, your perception of size will be horribly distorted.

Cox himself experienced “girl thumbs”: a woman once insisted that his manhood was “at least a foot long”. Despite measuring it in front of her, she still insisted it was 12 inches, not eight and a half, perhaps proof of how influential cultural representations of penises are on our psyche.

A gender-neutral explanation for “girl thumbs,” notes Cox, is that “humans are terrible at estimating the size of things we don’t usually measure.” This developmental impairment affects not only the measurement of objects, but also the estimation of weights and distances.

If “girl thumbs” were spawned by stories written by men, as well as cultural and evolutionary influences, then the term itself is a deflection of male responsibility for the problem and is inherently misogynistic. This is reflected in the language of many Reddit posts on the subject, written by men. (For u/Tiny_Letterhead9020, who predicted with absolute certainty that my article would “just say we’re perpetuating toxic masculinity,” this part is for you, mate.)

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As in previous posts, the men seem to be quite annoyed by the girls’ thumbs and express their feelings with a barrage of adverbs, LOLs and punctuation marks.

“So of course this sub taught me about girl inches and how women usually don’t know anything about penis size,” u/Optimum2526 wrote in a recent post titled “Girl Inches LOL.” He went on to say that after one of his colleagues said his partner’s penis was nine inches, he told her she was “probably wrong about the size of her tool”. The woman had “no idea” that the average penis size was around five centimeters and “doesn’t trust google”, which told the scribe “everything she needed to know”.

The gender-related term and similar posts have prompted other men to speak out against them. “Why should we believe a guy that women are wrong about size? Are men somehow automatically more trustworthy than women?” u/VitaminZebra wrote in one such post, while u/pippisthing told me in a Reddit comment: “I don’t like the term ‘girl inches’. Girls don’t have to do much for it.”

I also interviewed two women who said they were intrigued by Reddit’s discourse on penis size. Each of them indicated that indeed

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“I feel like a lot of men feel victimized by not having a big penis, and as a woman, I felt victimized because of my looks.

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