How Many Cm Is 4 In

How Many Cm Is 4 In – Cm to 4000 mm? Millimeters to 40 centimeters? How do we measure volume? Give a good outline… draw the steps

2 How big is it? Stride length, baseball bat Finger or nail width Finger or nail thickness 1 meter 1 centimeter 1 millimeter

How Many Cm Is 4 In

Ask students to try to match the parts of the microscope with their function. Then check the components and their functions. Spend a lot of time showing how to hold and use the microscope. The students didn’t have much prior knowledge… some key parts they got were “hand” the “snapshots” They should be reviewed just a few minutes after the demonstration

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4 Rapid Fire Scenarios Image is too dark to view. What you have to do? The picture is very blurry or unclear. What you have to do? The image is small and you want to zoom in to see it closer. What are you doing? You are trying to make the roller coaster stay in place on the stage. What are you doing? Go get the microscope. How do you do it? Start LP 2 here

6 Rapid Fire Scenarios You are looking at low power and want to use the adjustment knobs. What do you use? You are looking at HIGH power and want to use the adjustment knobs. What do you use? Why; NEVER use a rough setting on high power!! You might break the expensive microscope or break the glass slide!

7 Compound Microscope Purpose – the examination of microscopic living and non-living specimens that are not visible or clear to the naked eye. Mainly used for viewing cells. To view smaller objects, the microscope magnifies images using 2 lenses at the same time Total magnification – the eyepiece and objective combine to magnify the image End here LP 5.1

10 Zoom When you zoom in more, do you see more or less of the image? You see less! Your field of view DECREASES as you increase magnification Use the meter stick!! Field of view – the total area you see

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When looking through a microscope, you see an object through how many lenses? There is always 1 eyepiece lens in a microscope (cannot be changed) BUT microscopes usually have 2 or 3 objective lenses Low power objective lens (for us… either 4x or 10x) High power objective lens (for us… 40x depending the microscope ) 2… (Ocular and objective)

Total Magnification – the total amount of the image is magnified To calculate the total magnification: because when you look through a microscope you are looking through two lenses… Simply multiply the eyepiece eyepiece by the objective lens Magnification will appear in the eyepiece Magnification x Objective Magnification = Total increase

Practice Problem: Calculate the total low- and high-power magnifications of a microscope with a 10x eyepiece, a 20x low-power objective, and a 40x high-power objective. Total low power gain = Total high power gain =

16 Do Now Write on page 12: What is one way to use a microscope safely and correctly? Use these words to make a sentence: Field of view, high power, low power Get started with LP 5.3 here

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Place your slide on the stage and secure it under the stage clips Use the low power objective and use the coarse setting to focus and find the image Once in focus, CENTER the image Why? Finally, switch to higher power targets and ONLY use FINE ADJUSTMENT to focus! So you can still see the image when you zoom in because your field of view is reduced!

In general, the images appear: upside down AND backwards Ask students to draw an “F” and a “J” as they would look under the microscope

What changes do you notice when you go from low power to high power? (use hand…) Hmmm…. What is analysis?

If you move an image to the right, when you look through the microscope, it will appear to move to the left! I remember…. everything is upside down and upside down!

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23 Making a Wet Mount Obtain a clean microscope slide and hold it by the edges. Using forceps, lift the sample and place it on a slide Use a dropper to put a drop of water on the sample Take the cap, hold it at a 45⁰ ANGLE to the slide and slowly lower it until the sample is covered. WHY? To prevent bubble trapping show this… if you can’t find a video (you tube) END LP 5.3 here

Why; Using an eye dropper, add color to the edge of the cap covering your sample. Place a small piece of paper towel on the opposite side of the lid. To make a swatch more visible Show add color to the slide. (If possible, show a video…so all students can see it)

Measurement used = How big is a micrometer (small)? There are 1,000 micrometers in 1 millimeter! Where does this fit into our conversion ladder? Micrometer (mm) Start here Period 5… did not reach this slide

This will be LP 5.6… ONLY for the lessons each time. Start with this, then ask students to read and respond to the material in the Functions of Life packet.

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The smallest lines you can see drawn on a metric ruler are… Now you know there are 1,000mm in 1mm… tell me how big my field of view (diameter) is in the picture. Kilometers (mm) What is your field of view: Mm: ________ Mind: ________ **Would your field of view get larger or smaller if you zoomed in?

Put the name and period at the top Turn to pages 37 and 38 and start answering the questions *This is a long lab. Let’s run 5.7 and LAB

Once the desks are cleared and everyone is quiet, I will hand out the tests GOOD LUCK Introduction to Microscope LAB

What happens when you go from low power to high power using a microscope? Start here LP 5.5

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To operate this website, we collect user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including our Cookies Policy. Here you’ll find our collection of free measuring sheets to help your child learn to measure lengths and read scales on a ruler that goes up in halves (and quarters).

When children first learn to count, they learn the sequence of numbers, usually up to ten, but without understanding what the numbers mean.

They then learn to count objects and numbers of things in front of them and learn 1:1 correspondence in counting.

At this stage, children are still learning their number sequence, and these numbers continue beyond 10. They learn to count to higher numbers such as 20 or 30. Eventually, they manage to learn to count to 100. and numbers up to 100 can be divided into tens and ones. Their local value learning has begun!

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At a higher level, children know their value up to 1000. They can count accurately by 1, 10 and 100 from different starting points and can divide numbers into hundreds, tens and units.

Before a child can measure length or draw length using a ruler, a child must first know how to read a scale accurately.

In second grade, children are introduced to scales that increase by half and should be able to read scales to the nearest half unit.

Once a child is confident reading a scale, then they are ready to use a ruler to draw and measure lines.

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When using a ruler, it is important to teach children to read from the zero line – not from the end of the ruler, as many rulers have a small space before the zero line.

When drawing a line, it is also important to teach children to properly bridge the ruler with their supporting hand. Children naturally tend to support only one end of the ruler, so when drawing lines they often gravitate toward the unsupported end.

Incorrect ruler position for measuring a line with a line starting at the end of the ruler

On this page, you’ll find a series of worksheets designed to help your child read ruler scales in both inches and centimeters.

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These include learning to read different scales in different units such as a measuring jug, a measuring scale and also a ruler.

The math measurement worksheets on this page are at the second grade level, but are more complex than the worksheets on this page.

If the math counting worksheets in this section are too difficult and you are looking for some easier counting worksheets, then the worksheets in this section will hopefully help you.

The links below will take you to some kindergarten and first grade counting worksheet pages that should be at an easier level than the worksheets on this page with a scale that increases by one.

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All math number lines increase by one or ten, and there are similar activities like this

250 cm is how many inches, 5 inch is how many cm, how many cm in, 20 cm is how many inches, how many inches is 120 cm, how many cm in m, how many cm is in 6 inches, how many cm in feet, how many cm in ml, 2m is how many cm, how many cm in 1ft, how many cm is a king bed