How Many Feet Is 39 In

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How Many Feet Is 39 In

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Items that have been used or worn before. Please see the seller’s listing for full details and details of any defects. See all terms definitions open in new window or when I teach presser foot classes, many of my students own the Clear Embroidery Foot #39/39C and use it regularly, but most of them overlook the important features of this foot. Before we dive into the secrets of Clear Embroidered Feet #39/39C, let’s talk about the main purpose of this useful accessory.

The presser foot is designed for sewing decorative stitches, especially dense or tight stitches, including satin stitches. A wide, linear shape on the bottom of the sole allows the foot to stretch more smoothly than a thick line. This prevents the presser foot from being dragged while stitching, thus preventing deformation of the seam pattern. Thanks to the wide indentation on the back, the presser foot is perfect for turning and sewing curves, ideal for appliqué sewing.

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The sole is transparent to see the stitched area and fabric underfoot. This makes it easy to place the stitches exactly where you want them. The red marker also helps in suture placement. The side markings align with the needle, making it easy to line up the stitch. The mark on the front indicates the center of the foot, again helping to sew where you want.

Now, this is something that most people don’t see unless it’s pointed out to them. Below the central red mark, there is a small hole in the center of the sole. Because of the reflection from the clear sole, it’s often hard to see even if you know it’s there! threading string or thick decorative thread through the hole allows you to sew a variety of techniques for many reasons. Check out the instructions below, which are easy to do thanks to the secret of Sheer Embroidered Feet #39/39C. I did these techniques on my BERNINA 790 PLUS, but they will work on any model, new or old!

The easiest way to thread your floss is with a drugstore floss threader. Slide the straight end into the hole, then put the thick thread or wire into the loop of the threader. Pull the threader with the rope through the hole and out the back of the foot.

This is a great way to add subtle texture to your project. Choose a zigzag stitch, and set the width just enough to go from one side of the rope to the other. Adjust the length as needed. Pull the rope through the hole and sew. No need to hold the thread – it will follow the path of the needle as you sew.

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This is a useful gathering technique for any fabric, but especially for heavier materials (light-weight denim, medium linen, and curtain-weights) because the threads won’t break when pulling the gathering fabric. Place the topstitch in the hole and zigzag over it using a stitch width that is wider than the thread. Place the rope where you want the rope to tie and stitch, making sure the stitches do not go into the rope. Remove the fabric from the machine and pull the cord to create pleats, being careful not to pull the cord. Tip: sew one end of the line to prevent it from pulling out. After sewing a piece of pleated fabric with a flat surface (such as sewing a pleated piece with a bodice), you can clip the string and remove it from the seam allowance as needed.

Sew this technique in the same way as gathering, but use elastic thread and sew many parallel rows on the fabric

Cloth. The elastic thread allows the shirred fabric to stretch, making it a great technique for bodice, cuffs or yokes skirts. After the row is sewn, remove the fabric from the machine and pull the thread to pleat the fabric, again being careful not to pull the thread. The cord can be pulled from both ends to scrub the fabric. Tip: tie bungee ends together to keep them from pulling out.

Use rope to add a subtle finish to the edges of your project. You will need to bind, hem, or fold the edges, as this technique does not work well on raw edges. Once the rope is strung, place the center red marker next to the edge of the fabric and zigzag across the rope.

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Now that you know the secret to the #39/39C embroidery foot, you have a new trick in your sewing toolbox!

For more information on BERNINA presser feet and accessories, please see The Big Book of Feet at your local BERNINA store.

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