How Many Grams Of Sugar In Dr Pepper

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How Many Grams Of Sugar In Dr Pepper

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Upside down, where do you think Mckinney is? It is a small but fast growing city in Texas. In the year 2000, it had a population of around 50,000, but by 2020,… READ MORE I have a confession to make… I’m a big fan of setting goals, but I’m not good at following them. Sounds familiar? I challenge you and me to set at least one goal for 2013 that you plan to achieve. I don’t think New Year’s resolutions have to be a bad thing.

Let’s take a quick look at how to set good goals before hitting my goals for 2013. The best way I know of to set goals is to set up S.M.A.R.T. net:

Do you have a goal in mind for yourself? Can you frame your goals so that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound?

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And now I continue with my goals for 2013. Mary Poppins said, “a spoonful full of sugar helps the medicine to go down”. But what if you’re eating too many tablespoons of sugar to help your lunch go down? As you can imagine, I’ll be solving the soda problem in 2013.

I think a successful part of achieving a challenging goal is seeing it. Perhaps my least healthy habit is drinking soda, especially Dr. Pepper. I’ve always thought about measuring the sugar content of soft drinks, but have never actually done it. Sunday afternoon while everyone was sleeping I played with sugar and a digital scale… Alton Brown style.

I started with 3 lenses that are the same length so visual comparisons will be easy. A bottle of Dr. Pepper has 40 g of sugar. Of course, in most Dr. Pepper this sugar comes in the form of corn fructose, something that won’t be covered in this post. A person’s sugar content can’t be too good when I measure it, but the problem is that I often drink more than 12 ounces of soda a day.

It’s impossible to quantify the actual amount of soda I drink since I live in the land of no limits: Texas. I had to balance because of my trial, so I started with 3 or 36 cans of soda a day. When I measured 120 g of sugar it was a bit of an effect. Every day I make my body process a lot of sugar.

Drink Reaction: Dr. Wham

The biggest surprise came when I put together my sugar content for the week. If I drink 36 oz (120 grams of sugar) a day, 7 days a week, my body will release about 840 g of sugar each week. The amount of sugar was so high that I had to steal the ‘1 can’ glass and use it as an extra glass to test my blood sugar for 1 week! I filled 2 glasses full of sugar to get the 840g of sugar I estimated I was consuming. That’s 420g of sugar per glass. Seeing the amount of sugar and realizing that I was consuming every week really hit me…

I weigh 210 pounds and am 5’11. I carry my weight well and I am not very overweight. But like most people, maybe the real damage is done on the inside. I sat down with the sugar table and thought for a while about what a specific, measurable goal is. I decided that I need to stop drinking soda in large quantities, so the soda in restaurants has to go. It is very easy to let consumption get out of control. Also, I will save a lot of money.

I’m not the type of person who can drop anything cold turkey, so I set a goal of 1 can of soda a day for the next 3 months. This time I am going to reduce the amount of sugar from 14,400g to 4,800g. (Of course, this does not take into account other sugars in foods.) 4,800 g of sugar in 3 months is still too much, it’s still 10.5 pounds of sugar… oh my! But it’s better than 70 pounds of sugar at a time. I can’t believe I’ve been consuming about 128 pounds of sugar a year for the last few years of soda!

Many people will recommend switching to diet soda, but I don’t care for the taste and when I drink diet soda I feel a bit “icky”. If I stick with 1 can of soda a day for all of 2013, that will result in a reduction – 300 calories per day – 2,100 calories per week – about 9,000 calories per month and 109,500 calories for the year.

This Is How Much Sugar Is In Your Drinks, And You’re Not Going To Like It

And you? Do you have a New Years goal that you are looking for? Do you have any advice for me as I try to achieve my goals?

2014 update: I’ve continued to apply the lessons I learned measuring the sugar content of my beloved Dr. Pepper. I still enjoy the occasional soda, but try my best to stay away from the large drink cup and refillable snack cup. I lost about 10 pounds by cutting back on soda in 2013. Combined with the drive-thru table, I feel great!

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What Does Dr. Pepper Taste Like?

We’re fans, because understanding the sugar content by the number of cubes is easier than trying to figure out the food label. While the app can search over 75,000 foods, there are still a number of products that still can’t, but PHE assures us they’re adding more all the time.

And because kids aren’t the only ones who eat too much sugar, we tested the app on some of our favorite seemingly healthy snacks to see just how much sugar is hiding. Compare this to the recommended amount (five cubes maximum for children ages 4-6; six cubes for ages 7-11, and seven sugar cubes maximum after that). the number can

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