How Many Hours Is 300 Miles

How Many Hours Is 300 Miles – A new online map tool lets you calculate your driving radius, but you don’t need a pencil, ruler and paper map.AP

Remember the old song “500 Miles Away From Home”? Take it as a challenge instead of a challenge and you can get some great ideas for your trip.

How Many Hours Is 300 Miles

You can do this the old-fashioned way, by calculating distances on a paper map using a mile scale and a ruler. However, there are now free online map radius tools that will quickly show you which destinations are within a certain distance.

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Go to the website and scroll down to the “Options” form. Enter the city you are starting from in the “Set circuit by place name” field.

Expand Latitude and Longitude and go to Radial Distance. Here, the form automatically sets the distance radius to 1,000 kilometers, but you can reset it by entering the number of miles you’re willing to drive in the “miles” field next to the kilometer field.

Scroll up to see a green circle on the map. Zoom in on the view by grabbing the minus sign on the left and moving it up a few degrees to get a more detailed view of the cities in range.

Depending on traffic and highway speeds, most people can cover 500 miles in a day trip, so starting with that distance can present some interesting possibilities. If you’re taking a week’s vacation, driving to and from your destination on the first and last day is often an acceptable compromise to save on airfare.

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Starting with New York as the location of the circle on, you can quickly find that trips to Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland, and Virginia Beach, Virginia are within 500 miles.

Once you’ve calculated the driving routes, targets at the very edge of the circle may be further than your maximum distance. The radius tool measures distance as the crow flies regardless of highways or terrain, so it’s a good idea to check distances with the odometer on MapQuest or GoogleMaps.

Safely within 500 miles of New York, the actual distance to Toronto is 475 miles; to Cleveland, 463 miles; to Montreal, 376 miles; and to Virginia Beach, Va., 362 miles. Greenville, N.C., appears near the edge of the 500-mile circle, and the GoogleMaps mileage calculator says the range is just over 500 miles, so 522.

A look at a few other starting points will provide great vacation ideas within 500 miles: Baltimore to Myrtle Beach, SC; Denver to Mount Rushmore; Cleveland to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky; Minneapolis to Kansas City; Tucson to Los Angeles; Atlanta to Orlando; Boise, Idaho, Portland, Oregon; Helena, Mont., to Salt Lake City.

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If you’re willing to make a seven- to ten-hour trip, the cost savings of a 500-mile trip versus flying is huge. It’s not that much for one person, but a family of four will probably spend more than $1,000 to fly there and back. Air travel also involves more than the cost of tickets; includes transportation to and from the airport, meals and other activities, and car rental upon landing.

By comparison, with gas around $2 a gallon, it will cost you much less than $100 to drive 1,000 miles in a car that gets 25 mpg. Even if you factor in taxes, food and a night in a motel along the way, if you don’t make the trip in a day, it will take less time than the plane tickets. If you’re feeling ambitious, set off before dawn and you’ll easily reach your destination 400 miles away by lunchtime.

Or if you’re willing to leave at dawn and arrive before dinner, expand your radius to 800 miles and greatly expand your vacation options. My husband and I managed to drive the 840 miles from New York to Mammoth Cave in one day with two kids (and no electronics to keep them busy) and the vacation was free and we forgot about visiting a national park and nearby attractions.

Although using a circuit map can expand your list of potential vacation spots, the appeal is mostly psychological. Many people are not good at estimating distances, and knowing how far something is can make it more accessible.

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Besides, measuring distances is a national pastime. Of course, there are thousands of highway mileage signs that list distances to other cities, but there are also a few examples of whimsical or wishy-washy mileage signs.

American soldiers on overseas bases sometimes erect handmade signs listing the kilometers to their favorite places and cities miles away. A sign in downtown Anchorage lists the distance to Tokyo and Paris. Many small towns in Maine are named after major cities around the world, so familiar signs at local intersections show the names of places like China, Norway, Mexico, and Paris just a few miles away.

And when you reach the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine at the northern end of the Appalachian Trail, a sign will appear to tell you that Springer Mountain, Georgia is at the southern end of the trail, just 2, Before the permanent change of station (PCS) orders even arrived at your e -mailboxes, you’ve probably already planned a trip to your next workstation and maybe even planned a trip to visit friends or family. But then you read the rules and you’re confused: what’s all this talk about a 350 mile per day limit?

The commands may read something like: “Travel by private vehicle is permitted…”. and then additional payment information.

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Orders may or may not include information on how many days of travel you have been given. But there will be a reporting date on them. A quick look at the map will tell you how many hours of driving it will take to get there.

For example, if you travel from Arizona to Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, you will travel 1,573 miles. As you can imagine, you don’t want to do that nearly 23 times in the car at the same time. They also don’t want you to get there for two months.

That’s why travel rules are created to guide how many days – and overnight stays – a service member should take to get from point A to point B.

According to the FAQ on the Department of Defense website: “A passenger with PCS authorization is permitted to travel by POV for one day of travel for the first 400 miles between authorized points. For any distance greater than 400 miles, the passenger is allowed one additional day of travel for each additional 350 miles. See JTR, para 050205.”

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This is the calculation used to determine how many days of travel will pay. You are allowed 5 travel days for a trip of 1,573 miles. (If the remainder of miles divided by 350 is greater than 51, add a day.)

But what’s really important is that you arrive and check in on your check-in day. If it takes you three days to get there or seven days to get there, it doesn’t matter. You will be paid daily for five days.

Experienced spouses and service members have found that pushing the limits in this area has little benefit. The reason the recommended daily mileage is 350 miles is because that’s about 6 and six hours a day at 60 miles per hour. That’s not much if you’re driving on the highway at higher speeds. But if you’re driving two vehicles, one pulling a trailer and the other with three kids, a dog and a cat, it can add up to long days.

Driving six hours every day for eight days is a lot. That person doesn’t want you to push them to the point of exhaustion. They want to give you room to stop early if you’re tired and allow for a flat tire or car repair.

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But that doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate the schedule a little to your advantage. For example, on this trip from Fort Huachuca to Pensacola, you can plan longer days, then take a day in San Antonio to go to Sea World.

Above all, drive carefully, plan your stops in advance and make the most of where this road takes you.

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