How Many Miles Is 2 000 Feet

How Many Miles Is 2 000 Feet – The space monster, dubbed 2,000 QW7, will fly past us at over 14,000 miles per hour on Saturday.

However, there is no need to panic as the asteroid should be just 3.3 million miles from Earth.

How Many Miles Is 2 000 Feet

However, on the scale of space, this is not a great distance at all, which is why NASA still refers to it as a “close approach”.

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The object’s estimated diameter is between 951 and 2,133 meters, making it twice the size of the Shard.

In fact, if the space rock were a building on Earth, it would be the second tallest on the globe.

Any fast-moving space object that is about 4.65 million miles away is considered “potentially dangerous” by cautious space organizations.

Elon Musk in one of his recent tweets raised fears that the Earth will not be able to defend itself against giant asteroids.

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The billionaire made a chilling comment in response to a story shared by a friend about NASA preparing for the arrival of a space monster named after the Egyptian god of chaos, Apophis.

Musk’s friend Joe Rogan shared an article about this massive asteroid, and Musk replied: “Great name! Don’t worry about this particular asteroid, but eventually a large rock will hit the Earth and we don’t have any protection right now.”

Other cosmic news reports that diamonds as old as the moon are ejected to the Earth’s surface due to a “hidden lava pool”.

We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Tech & Science team? Email us at As I was riding my Climb bike, a bright blue sky greeted me at the top of the hill. I pulled out my Gatorade, gasped and made the hardest climb on the ride.

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We ended the day in the small town of Cumbria: 71 miles, 5514 feet of climb, 5000 calories burned.

Six days down. Four days left. Two hundred miles to go. After Big Sur, the three of us took our cycling to the next level. Pismo Beach, 45 miles, 2,000 feet above sea level? Easy money.

We left at 11am the next day and covered the first 18 miles at 14.5 mph. (

). I had problems with the shifters that prevented me from shifting from a higher to a lower gear. We stopped at Morro Bay to fix my gear and bite into Taco Bell.

Peak 6549 (bolt Peak)

Continuing our journey, we stopped at a gas station to fill up and go to the restroom. At each stop, we took turns watching each other’s bikes while others went inside for water and snacks. We put the bikes down and rested on the side of the road. As I was pulling out another topical ointment to rub on my knee, a quiet elderly woman, probably in her sixties, approached us.

San Francisco taught me to ignore strangers. But when she approached us, she seemed dazed. The hazard lights in her car came on. I explained to her that she just needed to inflate the tires. I wanted to end the conversation here, but we could see in her eyes that she needed our help. Raymond, being the Great Samaritan, stepped in and helped her fill the tires.

She told us that usually her husband knows what to do. But he just died, so she was freaking out. I was battling knee pain and Raymond had back problems, but it was important to keep things in perspective. It’s easy to forget that we’re not the center of the world. Everyone goes through their own trials.

We left the gas station. I was supposed to lead the whole expedition, but this time I asked Raymond to lead.

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Like a child in the middle of the night, pain in the knee started screaming in adolescence. My music volume was turned up all the way up, but I couldn’t hear it. I absolutely could not bear such pain for another 200 miles.

I took a painkiller which relieved the pain for 40 minutes. But like a lion caught in a cave, he came back with hunger and vengeance. I lasted four days on that knee pressing the ignore button, but I couldn’t do it anymore. If pain was training for enlightenment, I think it’s time to start classes.

Brian and Raymond rode away. They had gone so far that they were no longer visible. I have about 20 miles left. My mind started thinking about the next four days. 200 miles on that would have been literally impossible, but I couldn’t focus on 200 miles. I had to focus on the next step.

The pain increased each time my left leg was at the top of the impact, bent at a 90-degree angle. At 70 pedals per minute, that meant I’d be bending my leg about 8,400 times before I got to Pismo Beach. I could compensate for pedaling with my right foot, go for 10-15 seconds, then repeat. This can reduce the number of leg flexions by about 20-30%. All I had to do was get to Pismo Beach and I could figure it out from there.

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That’s funny. When something causes pain or discomfort, the mind begins to rationalize its way out of the pain. I was afraid that I was doing irreparable damage. And that fear made me more shy and undermined my confidence.

As I continue cycling, I see the black dots turning into real people. Brian and Raymond. They were waiting for me and we were there. 5 miles We’ve arrived at the Pisa Beach.

When we got to Pismo Beach, I spent hours furiously Googling the words “bicycle,” “knee,” “pain.” I came across various solutions: full bike fit, use of CBD oil, ice, topical castor oil, stronger knee brace, more pain medication and cryotherapy. I decided to try them all.

I spent the night with ice stuck to my knee. I spent $20 on an Uber to CVS to get a stronger knee brace. I called every bike shop in Pismo Beach to have the bike fitted. I called everywhere about CBD oil and cryotherapy. I had to do everything in my power to solve this problem. If I lost, so be it.

How Three Tech Dudes Biked 500 Miles From Sf To La (finale) — Jeff Li Chronicles

The devil in my mind convinced me that I could permanently damage my knee. It destroyed my confidence. The next day we had a 60 mile drive to Solvang. 45 miles on that knee was

Ubering was a last resort and I had no other choice. I had to call Uber for $120 in Solvang. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I thought I was making a compromise. It seemed to me that once driving an Uber made my life easier. It would have been easier for me to take an Uber the rest of the way to Los Angeles. But physically there was no way I could relive those painful 45 miles. I had to accept the circumstances. I did everything.

I came to Solvang and found a bike shop that reconfigured my seat. When cycling, your leg should be locked straight when you press the pedal with your heel. With your foot on the pedal, your leg should be bent at about 30 degrees. We raised my seat an inch.

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I then bought CBD oil from a nearby health store to help treat inflammation. The nearest cryotherapy shop was The Lab in Santa Barbara.

The next day I left Solvang around 8am hoping to reach the cryotherapy room by 2pm. As I drove past Solvang Vineyards, I felt the cold morning breeze, pedaling gently to ease the pain. I was pedaling up a ramp that was often passed by cars traveling at 60 mph. My shoulders were broad, and with each movement I felt more confident in my legs.

The pain started kicking, screaming, begging me to give up. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. I often started meditating when my knee started to hurt, but the pain was unbearable. I hit the brakes, pulled over to the side of the road, and wiped my leg with the Bengat. No, it’s not. I called an Uber for the last 35 miles to Santa Barbara.

Arriving in Santa Barbara, I immediately went to the cryotherapy salon. I tried every item on my list and that was my last hope. I have already booked Uber for two legs of this trip. If that didn’t work, the game was over.

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There was a VO2 max monitor, a locker room, a grassy turf with thick ropes. Maximum human performance. It was my type of place!

Two blond men with slicked-back hair and tracksuits were standing at the counter. I explained to them that I was cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles and that I had patellar tendinitis. He answers by saying

I take my clothes off, just

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