How Many Yards Are In 108 Inches

How Many Yards Are In 108 Inches – This post is written by our friend and colleague Kathy Minas, a 4th grade teacher at PS 158 and an avid string enthusiast.

Recently our 4th grade team met Math in the City co-principal and developer Kara Im, who has been working with our school for several years. We wanted to explore a way to introduce Common Core Level 4 measurement and conversion standards using strings. Here are some notes on the strings we designed together and how to run them with children.

How Many Yards Are In 108 Inches

The purpose of this string is to introduce students to conversions using the most common units of measurement, inches and feet. We wanted to ensure that students had a familiar pattern that visually captures the relationship between these units (12:1), which led us to use the ratio table. Our students have previously worked with ratio tables in the Multiplication and Division unit. The model also expresses and maintains relationships between known units, making it easy to multiply, divide, divide, and add groups.

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Performing measurement transformations on the ratio table helped students monitor the reasonableness of their answers. It also encouraged us to consider relationships between units. Instead of remembering whether to multiply or divide feet to get inches, they simply trusted the existing relationships in the table we were building together. In practice, students were much more flexible about how to transform and did not rely on memorized rules or easy-to-remember mnemonics to solve these problems.

Create a percentage table with the class rather than revealing the completed percentage table all at once. We add values ​​to the ratio table. It gets more and more complex one at a time, asking students to determine the number of inches or feet in question. As students describe the process, some values ​​are added to the ratio table.

Draw a scale table and label the columns, inches and feet. If this part of social studies is new to students, looking at and feeling the 12-inch ruler is helpful at this point.

We know that 1 foot is 12 inches, so how many inches is 3 feet? how do you know

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Note: To avoid additive heuristics (also known as repeated addition or “interruptions”) in ratio tables, the tables do not intentionally write 12-inch by 1-foot units.

. I guide my students from addition to multiplication reasoning for ratio tables. You can ask students to visualize 3 feet. “What does this look like? What do you think?’

Our class of 4th graders (and exercise freaks) came right in by the yard unit, added it as a third column to the percentage table, and made a memo.

For his unique contribution. I left the yard column empty for most of the string, but came back later to reflect this third unit. Soft Faux Leather Fabric 3 Yards 54

Next question: “How many yards are 72 inches or 6 feet? How do you know?”

Once we were done with inches and feet of rope we tackled the yard. We are back to the relationship between feet and yards. I asked students to consider.

If there are 3 feet in a yard and only 1 foot, what fraction of a total yard is there?

If we have 2 feet, do we already have a whole yard? How many parts of the total yard do we have?

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Using everything we know about the relationship between feet and yards and everything we know about fractions, if we have 5 feet, how many yards?

When a big idea or important strategy came up, my colleagues and I started annotating it on a string poster so the kids could see and hear it. I listen carefully as students make these contributions. Write and display ideas so they can be shared and accessible to all children, even if they have not yet occurred to them. Sometimes I urge children to make generalizations that help them move beyond specific strings to other related quantities and relationships when they are ready. An example of running this annotation would be:

I am a K-12 math teacher and New York-based design thinker who works closely with teachers, leaders, and teams across America and beyond. I also enjoy writing and designing with teachers about the persistent and “hard” problems we face in math teaching and learning projects. To keep user data safe, all posts by Kara Immis no longer support older web browsers. Please update to the latest version.

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