How Much Is 600 Pesos In Dollars

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How Much Is 600 Pesos In Dollars

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We’ve improved the design of the new Explore page, including larger images and easier-to-find information. 1 of 3 NextMEXICO CITY, Dec 29 () — The Mexican peso ended 2022 with one of its strongest gains in 10 years and could reverse its gains in 2023 as the Bank of Mexico’s rate-hiking cycle ends and a possible recession looms. America’s largest trading partner.

Last month, the peso returned to pre-pandemic levels and is on track to gain more than 5% against the dollar in 2022, making it one of the world’s best-performing currencies alongside the Brazilian real.

But the peso’s spectacular run could come to an end as markets expect large capital inflows into Mexico in recent months due to the Bank of Mexico’s tight monetary policy stance.

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In the name of the central bank, Banksico raised its benchmark interest rate from June 2021 to 10.5 percent at the last policy meeting in order to reduce inflation.

In the coming months, Banksico is expected to end its rate hike cycle, and the U.S. It’s likely that the Federal Reserve, which continues to raise interest rates, has gotten rid of it. This may reduce the exchange rate differential and lead to capital outflows.

“The (peso’s) phenomenon that benefited this year may disappear a little bit,” CI Banco analyst James Salazar said. Carry trade refers to a trading strategy that exploits the yield differential between Mexico and other economies.

The strengthening peso, hailed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as one of the crowning achievements of his administration, has benefited from strong export flows, export growth and foreign direct investment.

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U.S. Concerns about the crisis and trade dispute and Lopez Obrador’s energy policies, which critics call nationalistic, have locked Mexico with the U.S. and Canada, undermining the peso’s outlook.

“Negotiations under the USMCA (trade agreement) could increase risk perception and lead to measures against Mexico,” Banco Base said.

Traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange have begun betting that the peso will begin to fall in what they see as a sign of market sentiment. The bullish call comes after the so-called “super peso” currency relinquished some of its gains due to a spectacular rally. Global sell-off amid domestic political turmoil and US debt ceiling talks

Bloomberg – Analysts at Goldman Sachs & Co and XP Investimentos are betting that a weaker U.S. dollar will boost gains in the world’s best-performing currency, the Mexican peso (USDMXN).

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The bullish call comes after the so-called “super peso” currency lost some of its gains amid a global sell-off amid domestic political turmoil and talks over the US debt ceiling. Despite recent losses, the peso is still up 9.5% against the dollar this year, making it the world’s best-performing major currency over the period.

The Mexican currency has gained 9.5% against the dollar since the start of the year, but analysts say that’s not good news.

“We believe there is a chance for the peso to go back to 17.50 in the next few days,” said Miguel Angel Ituribarria, strategist at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria in Mexico.

1:15 p.m. The peso was little changed at 17.80 per US dollar. In New York on Thursday, MSCI’s index of emerging-market currencies outperformed, falling 0.5%.

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Alberto Ramos, chief Latin America economist at Goldman Sachs, said the central bank, strong remittances, the labor market and consolidation have boosted the peso this year.

The gains were led by the currencies of Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Colombia, as well as the Hungarian forint, Polish zloty and Indonesian rupiah.

With the peso looking expensive, Ramos expects growth to pick up in the medium term, even if this year’s growth is on hold for the next few weeks.

“Current macro fundamentals suggest that the MXN could continue its strong total returns even as spot rate gains moderate after a big run,” Ramos wrote in a note on Wednesday.

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Banksico, the so-called central bank, completed one of the most aggressive hikes in Latin America this month. Before the bank decided to hold rates on May 18, policymakers raised borrowing costs by 725 basis points for 15 consecutive rate hikes since June 2021.

“Once the dust settles on other fronts like the debt ceiling, it should return to strong levels and be sustainable,” said Marco Oviedo, chief strategist at XP. This article may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through them. For more information, please see our Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.

Traveling to Argentina has become more attractive as the Argentine government has launched a new rate hike for tourists.

Starting last Friday, tourists who do not live in Argentina or do not have an Argentine credit or debit card will be able to get almost the same exchange rate as the ‘Dollar MEP’ (Mercado Electronico de Pagos). an illegal “Dollar Blue” rate, often used by tourists to get cash.

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Gone are the days of asking your local friends to exchange large sums of money with you or to meet some sleazy character on the street. You can now do it yourself by making purchases with your credit card.

Last week, the MEP dollar was around 292 pesos to the US dollar, while the official exchange rate was 158 pesos to the US dollar. Exchanging at the MEP rate will almost double your peso to dollar as opposed to the official exchange rate for overseas payment methods.

“The measure effectively imposes a 90 percent higher than official rate on all tourism costs in the country, including tours, meals and travel packages,” the Buenos Aires Times reported.

If the tourist is paying by credit or debit card, the cost is converted at the official exchange rate used by the banks.

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As the Buenos Aires Times explains, if you withdraw 10,000 pesos from your debit or credit card at the official exchange rate of 155 pesos, that’s the equivalent of $64.30. But if banks can use the MEP exchange rate, it is equivalent to $34.24; save half of what you would have paid in dollars.

This rate applies to everything paid for by a tourist’s credit card, including hotel rooms, restaurants, tourist attractions, entertainment, and cinema tickets.

In the past, Argentine tourists used to exchange dollars for cash at illegal and unofficial places to avoid the official exchange rate. The dollar blue rate is considered close to the MEP rate, so the Argentine rate is close to it; Tourists can stop carrying too much cash and use their credit and debit cards without penalty.

The new exchange rate process means travelers can now pay with their card in pesos, converting their money into tourist dollars at a fixed rate rather than the official exchange rate. Credit card companies accept dollars and have five days to convert dollars using MEP rates through financial markets, but credit cards may charge fees on transactions. The new rules are already in place, so you can start trading today at a more generous rate.

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Argentina has a cobweb of different exchange rates that can be confusing for first-time visitors to the country. With an unofficial exchange rate, Dollar Blue offers tourists better deals for exchanging money.

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