How Old Is Rui

How Old Is Rui – I was the one who held the highest position, so there was no one to protect me. The more powerful I am, the more I remember that I am human. And I was losing what I wanted to do. I can never ask myself for a relationship.

Rui (紴 (るい), Rui?) was the primary antagonist of the Demon Slayer in the Mount Natagumo Arc: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a low level five (下 (か) 弦 (げん) の伍 (ご), Kagen no Go?

How Old Is Rui

Rui was a boy of short stature and slight build. His skin was milky white, with red spots appearing in various places on his face, above his eye where his eyebrow is, under his left eyelid, ending above his nose, and finally a vertical length running from his leg. On the right side. Cheek. His hair is light pink and looks like spider legs. His sclera was red, but his iris was pale blue. Because of the lower level five position, Rui lower level kanji (下 (か) 弦 (げん) 弦 (げん) 弦 (げん) 弦 (げん) 弦 (げん) 弦 (げん) 弦 (げん) and five (伍 (ご), Go? ) was carved over his left eye, indicating his rank. . .

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He was wearing a white, large kimono with spider webs carved on the sleeves and a wide brim, as well as a collar decorated with the same dot markings as his face. He was also wearing a white robe underneath and was barefoot. His nails are the same color as his eyelids.

As a human, he had normal black hair adorned with bright blue eyes, with the same spider-like hairstyle. He looks like his human father. He wore the same white kimono and paired it with a brown hari and wooden shoes.

Rui was a quiet, polite and a little polite person, he raised his voice and spoke to everyone, devil or demon slayer, in a reasonable tone and diction, although his low and elegant speech seemed to contain suppressed anger and frustration. Whenever he spoke to Tanjiro Kamado during their first fight, he was somewhat peaceful in his speech.

Although this was a personality difference compared to most demons, Rui was actually a disturbed person who sought the closeness of family and expected family members to fulfill their roles. Although he longs to experience the bond of kinship, his vision of achieving one is incredibly twisted and based on nothing but fear of it, repeatedly abusing his relatives in an unrepentant grief. To him, the “family members” who didn’t fulfill their role as he expected (that is, to protect Ruyu unconditionally or follow his orders) were worthless and as if they were dead.

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Aware of his great power, he was incredibly tyrannical and cruel, and had no qualms about abusing others or killing his “family” when they rebelled against him, crucifying and burning them in the sun. Due to his power, he tends to be omnipotent and confident, as seen when he decides to cut himself off to escape Tanjiro’s attack. Furthermore, when he saw the bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado, he seemed to fully realize that all his efforts to create a “family” and feel connected were completely futile. He denounces his family, saying that none of them have ever met or lived up to his expectations, and criticizes his “sister” for trying to keep it simple.

Because of this, Rui is incredibly sensitive to his family’s affairs and is furious when Tanjiro points out the toxicity of the bond between his “family”. This enrages him so much that he demands that Tanjiro retract himself and his words and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t. This stance was in stark contrast to his desire to bond with Tanjiro after witnessing her selfless act to protect Tanjiro from her clutches. This inconsistent behavior was further evidence of Rui’s delusions, mental insanity, and emotional instability.

After Tanjiro’s death attempt on him and a close call in his fight with Gyu Tomioka, he collects Rui’s broken bones and calmly states that Tanjiro would have killed him, expressing his silent anger as a constant frustration for himself and his fellow Demon Slayers. His goals. Water’s pride in his strength was shaken as he saw Hashira push through the strongest threads and try again before his head was cut off.

Knowing what he had done all his life, Rui was distraught to find out that he was the one who cut off his relationship with his family. In death, with his life flashing before him, he admits that everything he did for a purpose was futile and regrets not being able to apologize for killing his parents. Abandoning himself to his fate in hell, the unexpected appearance of his parents and the realization that they love him unconditionally and forgive him for his actions, Rui breaks down in tears, hugs him tightly and begs for their forgiveness. A mere child, spoiled and tormented by the loss of true love, forced into an unimaginably harsh fate.

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Many years ago, Rui was born into a somewhat wealthy family. He had a weak, weak and easily worried human body; Even walking and breathing became difficult for him, which led him to spend most of his life at home and cared for by his mother and father, whom he loved and adored despite his frailty.

One night, Rui approaches the Muzan Kibutuji, who offers to “save” and turn the boy into a demon. With a stronger body, Rui was finally able to move freely for the first time. However, this opportunity did not last. Rui, now a demon, had to get food by eating people; And this killed the man in the house. The bloody scene was witnessed by his parents, who were horrified by what their son had done. Later that night, Rui wakes up to his father raising a knife to kill him and his mother sitting there crying.

He mortally wounds them both and sits outside his house contemplating his and their actions. He remembers hearing a story about a man who drowned trying to save his son and how he was touched by a parent’s act of love. He explains that his parents were crooks because they tried to kill him and refused to believe that they would even consider killing him.

But as his mother is about to die, he hears Rui apologizing for not being able to give him a healthy body, which makes him remember his father’s last words, vowing to kill himself and his wife Rui in the next life. . He learns that his parents actually love him and are simply trying to stop him from becoming a monster, which throws Rui into an emotional crisis. Muzan soon appeared and told the young demon that it was his parents’ fault for refusing to accept his new form. Unable to bear the weight of his actions, Rui believed Muza’s words in print as truth.

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As a demon, Rui lives primarily in the forests of Mount Natagumō. In time, he became an extremely powerful demon, armed with high Muzan blood and the most deadly blood demon art. Durable, razor-sharp threads that can be pulled apart with the will and great skill. He was ranked in the bottom five of the twelve Kizuki, but he didn’t care to rise in rank. However, he continued to eat people and was said to be equal to the bottom two and even the bottom in power; Later he became popular with his servants. Rui lived less than 20 years as a demon.

Rui misses his parents dearly though, breaking their family bond and spends the next few years trying to recreate their relationship through demons. With Muzan’s permission, he founded the Spider Family, tracking down the demons he found on Mount Natagumō and taking them in with the promise of protection from demon slayers. After gaining their trust, he takes them to an abandoned house that he designates as his home, and gives them a drop of Muza’s blood, which encourages them and changes their appearance to match his own.

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