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How To Pronounce Zephyr – Who is Zooey Zephyr? Zooey Zephyr, a transgender state legislator from Missoula, was recently removed from the bench after mob protests at the Montana State Capitol resulted in several arrests. We know that Missoula lawmakers have been in the national spotlight lately. So why is there no information about Zooey Zephyr?

Wake Up Montana’s Bradley Warren met and tried to ask questions about the first reporter I wrote about. what have we learned Zooey Zephyr was born in Billings, Montana, attended the University of Washington, and then took a job at the University of Montana.

How To Pronounce Zephyr

Interesting. Where did Zooey Zephyr go to school? Is there anyone in Billings who grew up with Congressman Zephyr? It turns out that a baby was indeed born to the Lars family on that day mentioned above. Is this Zachary Lars the same person?

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Jeremy Carr, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute in Bozeman, Montana, can answer a kind of journalism we strangely don’t hear about elsewhere. So is a Missoula lawmaker who has gotten a lot of attention from the national news media. Check out Jeremy’s guest column below with his readers/listeners.

Making national news in Montana takes a lot of work. We don’t have big cities, we’re far from America’s population centers, or even the corridors of power.

But self-identified transgender Montana lawmaker “Zooey Zephyr” made headlines in the 2022 primary by accusing the Republican majority in the Montana House of Representatives of passing Block’s bill. Genital circumcision and heterosexual hormone treatment of children, “blood on hands” while praying. It was a clear violation of House rules for internal debate, and Mr. Zephyr refused to apologize for breaking the rules.

Dozens of extremist activists, incited in part by Zephyr, disrupted the Montana legislature because the Speaker of the House refused to call again until Zephyr apologized.We’ve only been seeing each other for 3 months). Almost overnight, Zephyr was interviewed by dozens of national media outlets and became a political celebrity with more Twitter followers than Montana’s members of Congress.

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Yesterday, the Montana House kicked him off the floor for the rest of Congress, ensuring his star continues to rise. Rapper Zephyr claims her mother told her she “always wanted to be a martyr” when she was transgender.

Despite being the fourth largest state in the United States, Montana is actually a small town, as residents often say. everybody knows everybody Also, in my experience, there is a complete left-wing media that acts as a shorthand for Zephyr. Rather than unbiasedly critically examine his actions and personal story, it uncritically repeats his claims and treats him as a hero.

Especially in this context, in contrast to Zephyr’s dramatic turn of events, state representative S.J. Howell, who describes himself as non-binary, continues to serve in the same Congress as Zephyr without incident. But this is because Montana Republicans oppose Mr. Zephyr’s actions. , not her claimed gender identity. (For those wondering how a conservative state like Montana with a Republican-majority legislature could elect two transgender/nonbinary legislators, Montana’s congressional districts each represent only 11,000 people, and Zephyr and Howell were elected from the liberal district of Missoula, the state’s most liberal. city.)

Both the Montana and national media seem interested, and even a fairly thorough internet search reveals only snippets of his early life (he lived in Washington and Montana and appeared in wrestling and racing videos). game background). But a deeper search revealed a more disturbing story. It tells the story of a troubled young man with a troubled past and a series of relationships with dubious characters.

Smile More, Zephyr!

Much of this information about Zephyr is gleaned from posts on Kiwi Farms. Kiwi Farms is a trolling but sometimes sophisticated online message board that staunchly defies gender ideology and revels in both youth derision and what was once passed off as investigative journalism.

Born in Billings, Montana, Zachary Larsch grew up in Washington state and was a high school wrestling champion. The media has been very remiss in investigating Zephyr, and as far as I know, this is the first time its real name has been made public in an article. “Zooey Zephyr,” now making headlines statewide and nationally, didn’t exist until 2019, when Lars transitioned publicly after months of female hormone therapy. She had a vaginoplasty in 2022 (in fact, on the night of her election to the Montana House of Representatives, she was not in Missoula, but in New York for post-op care for what was originally a permanent genital wound). to). They worked in a series of marketing jobs in Seattle before moving to Missoula, joining the activist community and working at the University of Montana.

Lars said his parents (conservative Christians) “disowned” him when he decided to convert. Lars was initially motivated to run for the state legislature against attempts by “transgender girls” to ban girls’ and women’s sports. This angered Mr Lars, who opposes common sense and scientific evidence that transgender men have no advantage in sport, a claim increasingly rejected even by the politically correct sports establishment.

Lars is intelligent and very interested in transhumanism (the fusion of humans and machines through the “engineering” of the human body). It was the subject of an abandoned master’s thesis at the University of Montana, apparently linked to his decision to radically revise it. own body.

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He was also a video game champion in a game called Super Smash Bros. His performances in some tournaments before the transition to the video game can be seen online. In 2020, Super Smash Bros. a major scandal broke out in its community, which resulted in a large amount of sexual harassment and abuse of minors in private gaming sessions. Lars expressed his regret that he might have put children at risk by taking them to such events. It is possible that serious child sexual abuse occurred in the community in which Lars was heavily involved, purely by accident, and that Lars was either a perpetrator or a victim of such abuse, but we do not know. Puffpeace’s legacy media did their best to dig into Lars’ past. It can be said that childhood experiences of abuse, such as those around him, are often precursors to the formation of non-standard gender identities in those involved.

Lars is also a known fan of manga and anime, hobbies enjoyed by many perfectly healthy people, and is the creator of the world’s most popular YouTube channel, Mr. He is a main member of Beast. He is also a trans favorite like Chris Tyson. Years before I came out as transgender, I loved cartoons about sexualized kids. As of this writing, Lars has posted and is still posting disturbing sexually explicit images like the one below on his official Twitter account.

It shows all the typical signs of narcissism. Narcissistic women are men who enter sexual relationships (often stimulated by pornography or fetishes) into the idea that they are women. The existence of this condition, and its popularity among men who identify as a particular type of transgender, was first observed by Ray Blanchard, PhD, then a Northwestern University psychologist and transgender scientist, J. This was popularized by Bailey in his landmark book in 2003. The Man Who Would Be Queen.

For about a year, Lars has been dating one of America’s most prominent transgender activists, Anthony “Erin” Reid. Reed himself comes from a troubling background that is almost completely ignored by the national media outlets he frequents. Once married and having a child, she divorced, came out as transgender and, like Lars, eventually chose to transition. hormones and surgery.

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(Editor’s note: The author also included a Reddit post by user Supernavosky from about 10 years ago as a quote for the above excerpt. In the original published post, Reed was a convicted felon. Reed disputed that statement, saying they were not convicted felons. Reed’s Twitter response , click here. , Reed also says he was never told to stop wearing his ex-wife’s clothes. We asked Mr. Reed to go on the radio and write a full response.)

Reed’s family was (understandably) unhappy with Reed’s decision to transition and was disappointed that they would not be using his “surrogates” or pseudonyms. He’s divorced enough from reality that his ex-wife “was told she couldn’t be called ‘Mama’ because she was a mother,” he said.

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