What Can Be Understood About Benedick And Beatrice’s Relationship

What Can Be Understood About Benedick And Beatrice’s Relationship – At the center of every wedding ritual is the unknown. How do we know that we have met someone we can love? How do we know who the real person is? In the beginning, all we have to do is appear on the surface, which is similar to the type of speech. The question is how to deal with them. Wes and Erin research Shakespeare

, which seems to indicate that sarcastic humor is more than just good fun, and plays an important role in getting to know others.

What Can Be Understood About Benedick And Beatrice’s Relationship

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Erin: So the story is about two couples, Beatrice and Benedick and Hero and Claudio. Hero is a girl’s name – an odd girl’s name. After the war, there is the good Don Pedro, who is the prince of Aragon and his brother, his brother, the bad Don John type. After this battle they came to Messina with two officers, Claudio and Benedick. And Claudio is kind of young, really … like an ingénue, but a man. So Claudio is young and probably a bit crazy and he sees Hero and falls in love with him immediately. And Benedick meets the Hero’s cousin Beatrice, who could be his girlfriend. There is bitterness in it, and both hate each other. And they have a “good war between them” that they do constantly, like a war of wits that they have together. So, Benedick, he’s a bachelor, he never wants to get married, he says he hates women and he tries to talk Claudio out of marrying Hero. But the wedding took place. This will be done in a week, and the wait is long. So Don Pedro needed to do something because he was tired of waiting a week until the wedding. So Don Pedro decides to make Beatrice and Benedict fall in love. He thinks there’s a spark, so he makes Benedict hear his friends talk about Beatrice’s unrequited love for Benedict, and he makes Beatrice hear his friends talk about Benedict’s love for her. . And the road plan. Both of them are in love, but they still don’t admit it openly. At the same time, Don John is bad, he has his own plans and for reasons we never really learned, which we can talk about later, he decided to separate Claudio and Hero before the wedding. So he arranges for Borachio’s man to have a conversation with Margaret, who is Hero’s maid, who I think is Hero, on the wedding night and Claudio goes and sees Borachio and Margaret in flagrante. And it works. Claudio discovers them and assumes that Margaret is an impure Heroine, having sex with another man the night before the wedding. So she waits for the wedding the next day, of course, in a public place and condemns the Hero before they get married and then stumbles with Don Pedro. And the friar who performed the ceremony, he believes that the Hero is really innocent, and therefore he tells his family to die a false Hero and that it will make Claudio disappointed and then he will come out of the truth about his true nature. Unfortunately, there is a mad watchman, one of Shakespeare’s madmen, Dogberry, the watchman of the town, who overhears Borachio talking about the plot of Don John. And then Dogberry got Borachio to admit that everything was arranged, and Claudio who was guilty and still thought Hero was dead, he agreed to marry his cousin, who had met her but was told that she was just like Hero, and they returned. to the church to get married. The bride is not veiled, and “lo na behold”: The hero and the happy couple who got married. Then Beatrice and Benedict finally publicly confess their love for each other, and Benedict turns to Don Pedro and says, “You got a wife”. So he ends up being, as far as we can tell, pro-marriage. And … uh … that!

Wes: Very good, yes. So what production do you like? This comes from what can be seen in the video or video. Did you like Branagh’s version?

Erin: Yes, yes. It’s a little over the top, it’s a little cheesy, but it’s my favorite version that I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. I saw the BBC ’84 version, I saw the latest version with David Tennant…

Erin: I think I saw part of it, but not all of it. I know some people who are fans of it, but I don’t see everything, not because I don’t want to. I don’t remember what happened, but anyway, Branagh and Emma Thompson, I think it’s a good note. To me, the fight between Beatrice and Benedict looks more interesting than in the ’84 version. In the ’84 version, they shoot each other a little more. It was a bit… tense.

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Wes: Well, I have to say I really like the ’84 BBC version. I like this in general for Shakespeare plays. It’s a great BBC… The BBC has basically gone through and done… I wouldn’t call them a film version, but a video version of all of Shakespeare’s texts. And, as I said. I almost always like this over other productions. And unfortunately, in comparison, when I first watched this, I wasn’t a fan of Branagh’s production.

Erin: He has a real problem with the casting of famous people in most Shakespearean productions, which are often hilarious at times. I mean, Keanu Reeves’ Don John is… that’s one of the reasons I like that version.

I will speak if there is a speech in the stomach. I feel good that he stuck to that speech. So part of what I call it is that everyone is crazy. I think it still works, but in terms of the straight version that includes all the dialogue in the game, the ’84 version is definitely more complete.

Wes: Yeah, and I prefer acting and everything. But yeah, at this point, the way Branagh’s movie starts… the way it starts, Don Pedro and Claudio and the whole gang are really riding their horses to Messina, and they are in the hearts of Everyone full of joy except Don. John, you know, except for Keanu Reeves, who just sighs already.

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Wes: From the beginning we will introduce Beatrice and her sharp tongue. One of the things I want to say at the beginning, because I think it’s something that should be talked about, the role of metaphor in the game, because it plays an important role in information, humor, funny between Beatrice and Benedick. , which I think means deeper. Then, I think, as we are going to see, it plays a role in the way people think in general, in how quickly they jump to conclusions about guilt and innocence – blaming, for example, about the crimes of our Heroes. So, a good example of this happens first. Of course, this play is just full of metaphors and images, but it’s a good example of how it works and why it matters. So, line 25, Scene 1, Act 1, the soldier returned, and the messenger praised Don Pedro. Then Leonato said that he had an uncle near Messina, he would be very happy to hear all this, then the messenger (returning to line 20) said: “I have sent a letter to him, and there is much to be found. happiness in him; although the joy is too much /can’t express myself simply without signs/bitter”, that is, she cried happily. means to cry for joy. So the idea is that there is something impolite about happiness, except when it is combined. tainted with the opposite sign. And so you get an idea. but happiness is expressed as a person and happiness feels modest so it must be hidden behind a little bit of bitterness. And Leonato understood his message and said: “Why is he crying (that is, Uncle Don Pedro)?” And the messenger said: “In measure”. This metaphor is more metaphorical, Leonato said, “Goodness is full of goodness: there is no form / truer than a person who is washed. Isn’t it better to cry with joy than to rejoice with tears? I want to bring this up because one of the functions of this metaphor in play is explanation. There is a sequel to

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