What Did The Massachusetts Government Act Do

What Did The Massachusetts Government Act Do – After the Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament passed acts known as the Acts of Indulgence, or Coercion, to punish Massachusetts for its crimes and annex the Thirteen Colonies. One of these acts was the Massachusetts Government Act and it restructured the government of Massachusetts to give more power to the throne.

An act for the better regulation of the government of the territory of Massachusetts Bay, in New England.

What Did The Massachusetts Government Act Do

No, by letters patent under the great seal of England, made in the third year of the reign of their late majesties, King William, and Queen Mary, for the union, establishment, and perpetuation, of the several colonies, territories, and treaties. The aforesaid lands, being one province, by the name of his province in Massachusetts Bay, in New England; Among other things, order and appoint, the lord of that province, henceforth, to be appointed and appointed by their lords, heirs and successors: nevertheless it is allowed and ordered, that, from the last time and. At eight and twenty, those mentioned in those letters sent the office of one hundred advisers or assistants to the governor at that time, the number mentioned here, eight and twenty advisers or assistants. Every year, every year, for ever, should be, either by the court or by the general assembly, elected anew: and according to the means chosen by their advisers or assistants, strengthened by the existing powers, powers, and personal privileges. The name, although it resembles the practice formerly used in those colonies by that union, in which the appointment of individual governors was appointed in the general court or assembly of those colonies, is, by repeated experience, subject to very inappropriate modifications. To the plan of the government established in the province of Massachusetts Bay, by the letters patent mentioned here – previously mentioned, and which is far from contributing to the achievement of the good and intended purpose, and promotion. of the welfare, peace, and good government of the Great to maintain that department, or to maintain the just authority of, and to obey, the laws of Great Britain, that the manner of exercising the aforesaid powers, authorities, and privileges, by. The people who are elected in this way every year have, for some time past, had a very evident tendency to obstruct, and in a great measure, enforce the law; Weakness, and, in a great measure, defeat, the enforcement of the law; to weaken his technical ties in that province with the king’s government, and encourage the unwise among them to undertake even actions against them, and in front of, his authority; And it really happened that it really happened to the enforcement of the law in the city of Boston, and in the neighboring villages, within that province: and because it, under these circumstances, became absolutely necessary, in order. To maintain the peace and good order of that province, to protect the people of the Kingdom of Thailand, who have good intentions, to take advantage of the trade and communication between this kingdom and that province. To maintain the proper confidence of that province to the crown and parliament of England, the method of electing the councilors or assistants of the province That should not continue every year, but should appoint such advisors or assistants each year. placed on the same footing as is established in the other colonies or plantations of his Majesty in America, the Governor appointed by the King’s commission, under the great seal of England: so it is performed by the most excellent King, by and by. The advice and consent of the lords of spirits, and temporal, and general, assembled. together in the present National Assembly, and by the same authority, since the first day of August and after that, one thousand seven hundred and sixty-four, is the majority of the treaty. , of which King William, and their great Queen Mary, and the inhabitants of that part of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, and all the verses, matters, and things, therein, relating to the time. and the manner in which an assistant or counselor shall be chosen for the said province, is revoked, and is revoked, and becomes void; And that from that time all the positions of advisers and assistants, elected and appointed for him, shall cease and be agreed upon: and that, from and after the first day of the month of August , one thousand seven hundred and sixty-four, committee. . Under his signature or manual, and by the advice of the privy council, which is in accordance with the practice now in using the counsels appointed by his king in the other colonies in America, the governor is appointed by a committee under the law. Great Seal of England: Provided, that the number of such assistants or advisers, at one time, shall not exceed thirty-six, nor be less than twelve.

British Acts That Angered The American Colonists

II. And it is further conducted, to assistants or advisers, who shall be appointed. As mentioned, keep his title, for and during his will, heirs or continue; and he shall have, and enjoy, the powers, privileges, and liberties, which the assistants or councils of the said province now hold, exercise, and prefer, establish and elect, from time to time, under the said convention, (except. as herein- after the interval); and likewise, attended that council, and before they came into action in their place, they shall take the oath, and the declaration which they are asked to make, again, and together Write it down, too. Any legal convention. or the laws of that province now in force, to be accepted by the assistants or counselors chosen and installed as aforesaid.

III. and if it is further adjudged by the said authority to be, and after From the first day of July, one thousand seven hundred and sixty-four, it is, and it shall be To him who will be the sovereign of. That province, or, in his absence, for the governor, to appoint and appoint, under the seal of the province, from time to time, and also to remove, without the consent of the council, the judges of all the lower. Court of Common Pleas, Commissioner. Oyer and Terminer, attorney-general, provost, marshal, justice of the peace, and other officers of the council or court of justice to which they belong; And that all the judges of the inferior court of common pleas, commissioners of oyer and terminer, attorney general, provost, marshals, justices, and other officers appointed by the mayor, or, in his absence, by the lieutenant. The sole governors, they shall, and may, have, hold, and use their offices, powers, and authorities, fully and completely, to all intents and purposes, as judges of the lower courts of appeals, commissioners of Oyer. and Terminer, attorney-general, provost, general, or other officers have done or may have done in the past under these letters, in the third year of the reign of their last royals, King William and Queen Mary; Laws, statutes, or customs, on the other hand.

IV. Provided always, and be it resolved, that nothing herein shall extend, or shall extend, to the commission given before the first day of July, one thousand seven hundred and seventy, twenty-four, to cancel or execute any judge. Inferior courts of common pleas, commissioners of oyer and terminer, attorney general, provost, general, justice of the peace, or other officers; But they will keep and perform the same, if this action had never been done. , until proven by death, by resignation, or by other escapes, but case to be.

V. And if it be further adjudged by the aforesaid authority, that, since the first day of July, and after the first day of July, one thousand seven hundred and twenty-three Fourth, it will be and will be legal for its sovereignty. His Highness, or if not, the Governor-General of the said provinces, from time to time, shall name the provinces and appoint them without the consent of the Council, and remove the said police officers with such consent, and no. Otherwise.

First Continental Congress

VI. and it shall be carried on by the aforesaid powers, which shall have all Vacancies of officers of Supreme Justice, and judges of the Supreme Court.

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