What Does 1400 Mean

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What Does 1400 Mean

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A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to do an email interview with Ulrika Luksevica, social media and content manager at Son of a Tailor, a custom clothing brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ulrika works on all social media strategies and marketing and PR for Son of the Tailor.

The tailor’s son has a special problem – to order a brand and a t-shirt that costs more than 70 euros, it’s not easy to build a community around something that you can’t buy immediately and have in 2 days.

Their customers definitely fall into the category of people willing to pay a premium for the things they represent, and their family reflects that.

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What does community mean to you, son of a tailor? The tailor boy community is very important, because all our clothes are made to order and fit to order for each of our customers. The whole process is completely self-explanatory. As we commit to changing the fashion industry for the better, it’s important to us to engage with people who care about this topic, industry leaders and anyone who wants to learn!

This makes a lot of sense—especially for brands that have a strong stance on what differentiates them. It is a family of brands that will allow them to confirm their high rating.

Our main goal has always been to educate and listen when it comes to our community. Listening to our community and giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas was something we respected. That said, we also try to provide a lot of useful and useful knowledge on the topics we work on, giving our community that extra “fuel” to continue their research and engage in discussions.

Judging by their Instagram account, they’re a hub of educational programs that educate their customers about the tools they use, their manufacturing process, and their supply chain.

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They also share customer-submitted content that demonstrates their values, such as photos of garments and information about who made the clothes and who they were made for.

Looking at the comments section, we see promising ideas and practical questions as well as valuable comments – a strong sign of an engaged community.

Do you work with brands and influencers/ambassadors? Yes, we do! But very rarely – we actually choose in our collaboration. Basically, we look for creators and brands that match our core values ​​to rebuild the machine to better serve customers, employees and the world. How do you define a good partnership? Effective collaboration, of course, is possible and often achieved through community engagement. That said, we’re often looking for more engagement than clicks. If a collaboration brings ideas to a fashion industry problem or starts a conversation about how things can be made better, it’s a win in our book.

This shows that there really are and can be many different goals for cooperation. Some cooperation is a willingness to commit, others are achieved, some even get a good deal for reusing ads.

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At The Tailor’s Son, one of their main goals is to start conversations about topics they care about.

Do you do long term or short term cooperation? We want to maintain our relationship with our partners for a long time, as we believe that creators are part of our community. But we also don’t mind a short-term partnership here and there — as long as it aligns with our values.

When you develop good relationships with content creators and make them part of your organization, you set yourself up for regular, high-quality, authentic, and relevant content that connects to your brand, at a very low cost.

How do you find creators/contributors who align with your values? We do a lot of research, to say the least. It is important for us to build relationships rather than export products and hope for the best. We want to make sure everyone we work with is happy with the product first and foremost (after all, it’s obviously aligned with our values, which I’ve mentioned several times before).

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It’s really important to build a real relationship with your community—otherwise, people won’t write about you, or worse, they’ll create something that’s illegal and against your values.

Nia Bailey @_niabailey building relationships by giving and asking helps create a safe space for creators no one likes to be forced to create 7:57 pm ∙ January 11, 2022 10 Likes 2 Retweets

What specific challenges do you face as a social media brand? We face many doubts about our prices and products. That said, it’s up to us to teach people why it’s important to know why a T-Shirt costs more than €5, why you need to know who made your clothes and how they make them, and where your clothes really come from.

Thanks so much Ulrika for sharing your knowledge and thanks so much guys!

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What did you think? How can you share and align your values ​​with your customers? Click “reply” and let me know!

Shameless Plugin: This is a tool that helps DTC brands effectively engage and grow their community by integrating Inbox, UGC/Analytics and Influencer CRM. We are growing very fast in Europe and I would like you to give us a chance for your brand. Five years ago, when I posted my 7,000,000 word in-depth look at the Drive movie and audio, a few readers told me it was too early to really solve any kind of problem. Yes, it was already there then, but do I really have to wait another five years until there is something real to write about?

However, today, on the 10th anniversary of the film’s theatrical release, I can confidently say that what I wrote (along with soundtracks by David “College” Grellier, Electric Youth, Johnny Jewel, Cliff Martinez and others) is in great degree still current. . today – although there are caveats. It gave filmmakers and musicians permission to dabble in synthetic music and adopt a neon-pink aesthetic with a variety of retro undertones. It was good (and necessary) to think about the past in order to create something new. The album’s artists saw their lives change irrevocably.

So yes, this is still true in 2021. Even more so, in fact. “Sounds like the Drive Soundtrack” is almost a cliché by now, considering how often that phrase is used to describe a song or movie soundtrack. Sometimes the storyteller misses the mark – and finds himself attached to things that are too retro or have no reminders at all, thereby missing the point. Sometimes, though, it’s a surprising way to describe music.

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Relatedly, I wrote something like this in that profound statement above, and I still stand by it: Drive is not a retro movie, and its music is not synthwave. It’s true that Kavinsky, College, Electric Youth and Johnny Jewel (of the old Chromatics and the band Desire) helped start the genre and inspire others to create in this way. And it’s also true that sound (and the commercialization of music in films) helped greatly expand the MySpace and -mp3-blog broadcasts of synthwave and visuals that reached the masses after September.

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