What Does Being An American Mean

What Does Being An American Mean – American pioneers faced enormous obstacles in crossing the plains and mountains of the West; They had no roads, few paths, and only crude implements with which to carry their entire families over rough terrain.

Entrepreneurs are the modern equivalent of these pioneers. Like those intrepid entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are also looking for a better life. Americans do not give up when faced with obstacles or challenges. The same is true for any true entrepreneur, we just never give up, never quit.

What Does Being An American Mean

When I wanted to start my own company, I stayed true to myself; I didn’t take VC money, which was unheard of in Silicon Valley. I mortgaged my house and took out a bank loan to pursue the American dream, even though the bank required me to make the company profitable from day one.

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With true American courage, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, I ran Micrel for 37 long years, all but one profitable year.

To answer the question, I think one should be thankful for what America has to offer and appreciate being an American! My family’s story is deeply rooted in values, respect and love of freedom. Also our love for America.

As the founder and chairman of a global hair care company based in Houston, TX, I envisioned the red, white and blue of the American Dream from a young age. I was born in the Middle East, the son of a sheikh and chief of olive growers in Palestine, in mid-October 1942.

I entered the world during a paradox: a year of struggle and challenge, but also a time of love and peace. As a child I grew up facing the trials and tribulations of war.

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It was during these difficult times that my father shared his stories of coming to America in the 1920s and how it was a land of peace, freedom and liberty. He will also talk about the education in America that you want to be and the possibilities of living the American dream.

I have often dreamed of one day leaving Palestine and coming to America, and it has come true. On April 1, 1965, I landed in America with only $71.00 in my pocket.

In 1966, I got my cosmetology license and started working in a salon. After several health issues and an allergy to ammonia, I used my mom’s knowledge of coloring to create the first ammonia-free hair color. I have created other professional hair care products and styling tools.

Every day is a blessing and I thank God for what I have been able to achieve and give back to the people of this country. I serve on the boards of several organizations, including the NDUF (Defense University Foundation) as a special representative of the foundation and an adviser on international affairs. I am also humbled to be a frequent speaker on leadership at Harvard University.

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Being an American today means living your life by example. Rich or poor, regardless of your race, Republican or Democrat, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian, showing others how we should work together.

We should all strive to leave the world a better place than we found it. As Americans, we are individuals who come from different cultures, religions, and economic backgrounds—but our future is being built together, built in the USA.

My dreams, my goals, and the opportunities I’ve been given are my testament to what it means to be an American today. God bless America.

In a country of around 330 million people, there is no single thread that connects us all. We celebrate different holidays, vote for different political parties, worship different gods if they exist, eat different foods and even disagree on what to do during the national anthem. There is no common culture or national identity.

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And unlike during the Cold War, we can’t even agree on a common enemy. Is it Russia? China? ourselves? There is also no consensus on America’s physical borders and whether we should have them or open the borders.

And some Americans don’t even know that US territories are part of the United States and that those who live there are US citizens.

But this is what makes Americans Americans. We can disagree. We can enjoy different things. We can argue with each other. We can be vegetarians and meat eaters. Pro-life and pro-choice. Yankees fans and Dodgers fans. Republicans and Democrats.

America is a land of individualism, even if that individualism chooses to be part of the collective. The only thing that makes Americans Americans is not culture, religion, political ideology, or even the Super Bowl, it’s our constitution that gives us the right to free speech and freedom of assembly, it’s our institutions that were designed to give us the freedom to choose when we disagree and even when we decide we were wrong, and then those institutions allow people to change.

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What does it mean to be an American? It means the right and freedom to choose what that means.

I am writing this article at an international airport. I write this article accepting the naïve, perhaps slightly narcissistic assumption that “American” means the United States of America, and that we have forgotten the relationships of Canadians, Mexicans, and other Latinos in Central America who have lives and humanity in other American territories.

I am writing this article as I observed international people in America, recalling the time I served and enjoyed in six different countries. I am writing this article while working with Sioux Tribe members in Mission, SD, mentoring college athletes from around the world in my dorm while studying, and hosting high school and college students in various downtown Nashville, TN.

I write this article, holding fast to my formal academic training, which taught me to delve deeply into the religious framework of “American” history.

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My mind is currently a multi-component intellectual blizzard, with all components fighting passionately for me to notice their individuality. The primary component of the Sioux and other Native Americans has been transformed by small fragments of European immigrants over the past few centuries. The influence of these new pieces, once so powerful, is waning in parts of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East as these ever-changing glaciers begin to change their structure.

Like The Campfire, The Brownie Dough, Royal Oreo, and many other tasty concoctions, should we have a catchy name for the cultural blizzard that describes what it means to be American?

Should centuries of negative and positive innovation, struggles, relationships and heartache be summed up in two or three words?

A mixed treat called People of Passionate Purpose highlights those who have led innovation and revolution, but overlooks individuals who over the years have learned their inability to succeed by adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

Public Dialogue:

The mixed treat called Compassionate Christian Comrades embraces a traditional reality that doesn’t exist and doesn’t really exist as a population among Americans.

The traditional one-sided, sometimes legalistic perspective forgets that the forefathers of this great country paved the way for complete religious freedom. In this mixed treatment analogy, this is where lactose intolerance comes into the equation.

Sometimes recognizing what we think is the foundation of our country makes others feel bad because of changes or misinterpretation over the years.

Honor, pride, trust, passion, innovation, cunning, loyalty and many other qualities (negative and positive) are some of the parts that sink through the filter of event and time orientation, shame and honor culture, efficiency and hospitality and many other unique principles that allow the elements to blur into a great combination.

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When properly enjoyed, the taste of the mixture is very pleasant. But the problem is that we take this combination as a main course rather than a dessert. Humanity is the main way.

We must accept human beings as human beings before we can enjoy the treatment of personality. Eating any dessert instead of a main meal does not bring a pleasant sleep.

What it means to be American: It means that you have individual taste in a comprehensive mixed treatment.

One question is, will those who observe the delicacy known as American culture taste yours? The other question is, will you become too focused on the treatment and forget that what really matters is humanity?

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He grew up with an immigrant father who came from poverty but worked his way up to a Ph.D. And a plane ticket to America taught me to go to school, get good grades, graduate from college, and get a corporate job. To me, it was my father’s “American Dream.”

After 15 years of being the rat race in corporate sales and recruiting, I started my own professional organization company. In my first year of business, I made a profit that allowed me to cover all my basic expenses with zero debt. Daddy is slowly approaching, although he still has no idea what I’m doing!

Breaking through limiting beliefs and anchoring our family is key to success in business, especially as a first generation.

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