What Does Cate Often Call Her Twin Sister

What Does Cate Often Call Her Twin Sister – WILLIAMNSVILLE – Some future college rivals will find out what the Williamsville High School women’s soccer rivals already know: Farah and Mara Abu-Taye are a tough duo to beat.

The twin sisters, who are coming off their senior season with the Bullets, have played soccer together since kindergarten. They also don’t plan to share their shows after high school.

What Does Cate Often Call Her Twin Sister

“We wanted to stick together,” Marla said. “[Farrah] got an offer from college and I got an offer. But we always told them we wanted to be together.

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But between now and next season, the Abou-Taye family will be causing problems for Williamsville’s rivals. Mara has scored a team-high 34 goals and has 12 assists this season, while Farah is 20-20 (goals and assists).

They were instrumental in the Bullets’ 18-1-1 season, which earned them the No. 1 seed in their respective Division 1A region. Williamsville rode a 17-game winning streak to reach the semifinals against No. 5 McComb at 4:30 p.m. at the World Humanitarian Summit on Tuesday.

Marla and Farah follow their two older sisters as they play sports in Williamsville. Big sister Tara played softball and volleyball for the Bullets, and Tamara, who graduated from WHS in 2011, played basketball and soccer before playing basketball at Robert Morris University.

Marla and Farah also played basketball as sophomores, but dropped the sport last season to focus more on soccer. While they were playing for St. Louis Scott Gallagher FC, they traveled to Florida, Texas and Arizona to present events to bring more attention to college coaches.

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“Football is the main sport in Jordan and our parents are from Jordan,” Farah said, referring to Alan and Kawala Abu-Taye’s parents.

“We have always played football since we were kids. It was a hard decision for us to give up basketball, but we have always loved on football.”

“We practically read each other,” says Marla. “We don’t have to call each other names; we just know where each other will be.”

“Sometimes I laugh,” he said. “You’d be sitting on the bench, and when one of them would get the ball, the other would shout ‘Farrah! Farrah!’ or ‘Sea! Sea!’

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Williamsville senior goalie Kate Buscher said Mara and Farah weren’t trying to turn the game into their own show.

“Mara scored three goals in the first half the other day,” said Buscher. “She came to me at half-time and said, ‘I don’t want to score all the goals, but there’s no one else available.’

“She just sees an opportunity. But you can tell they’re looking to get through. They want to get other people involved. They’re not trying to steal the show. They’re not ball bullies. they are, which is good for them.”

But Buscher admitted it was impressive to see them working together on the other end of the court.

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“From my side, you see everything,” Buscher said. “You can see the movement of the ball, when Farah was running from the left and Mara was running diagonally towards him.

There are a few small differences between the nearly identical twins. Coaches and teammates nicknamed her “Farrah Freckle” because of the small freckle near her lips.

“I would say ‘confidence’ is a good word for Farah,” said Buscher. “She’s not afraid to talk to the referee if she doesn’t agree with the decision.

There are more obvious differences. The Marine Bullets will wear jersey No. 1 and jersey No. 2 on Farah. And Mara usually shoots with her right foot, while Farah is left-handed.

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But unlike some couples who want to take different paths and establish their own identity, Marla and Farah adhere to the philosophy that “two are better than one”.

“We do almost everything the same,” Farah said. “We have the same friends. We go everywhere together. If one of us drives somewhere, the other one drives back.”

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