What Does The Root Flex Mean

What Does The Root Flex Mean – The Latin roots -flect- and -flu- are used in many English words. The Latin verb flexere means “to bend.” The meaning of words built from the root – to be soft – is related to bending. For example, the word flexible means “can strengthen.” The Latin verb fluere means “to flow”, and words with the root -flu- are related to flow. Fluids, of course, are flowing substances.

7 FLUID Substance that flows, usually in the form of its container (noun) Smooth, flowing motion; elegant (adj.) easy to convert (adj.) It is important to drink plenty of fluids every day. The dancers move with beautiful, fluid movements.

What Does The Root Flex Mean

RIVER 1) A narrow channel with deep rock sides and water flowing through it (noun)

Greek And Latin Roots

INFLUENTIAL Having the power and importance to influence (adj.) Some of the most influential people in history are Shakespeare, Lincoln, Ghandi and Leonardo DaVinci.

At the Three Gorges Dam in China, floodwater from the upper reaches of the river flows downstream to reduce flooding.

In order for this website to work, we collect user data and share it with developers. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy. A journey that attracted a minute course reached when it becomes linguistic. “Flex,” like most of the Internet, has a story. The legacy of this began in the gym as a word used to express the physical achievements of a person after spending a lot of time training.

Basically, “flex” is about “bod”. Today, internet sites have broken the barriers of stereotypes behind the use of the word and pushed it into any part you want to express. It’s a sweet change and improvement, tbh.

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Now, “flex” on the internet isn’t necessarily exercise jargon, it’s more like any kind of white celebration that may or may not be based on success. However, the meaning and purpose behind the verb can change the meaning of ‘flex’ –

Much of the literature we consume today is influenced by music – hip hop and rap in particular. Many straight words have different, common, and different meanings because of how rappers, singers, and most importantly, lyricists intended them when they created them.

Music breaks the stereotypes of culture, language and communication and initiates parallel lines that can be communicated. “Flex,” originally a verb to bend a part of the body, means a little or a lot more.

The first (literally) record of “flex” being used for more than body stiffness was in 1993. It’s when Ice Cube said he didn’t change until it was time for sex on his track “Down For Any “. Many artists like Post Malone, Borgore, Iggy Azalea, to name a few, have started using “flex” with a meaning far beyond the gym.

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Sooner or later, this word image that appeared in music became part of popular culture and eventually “cultural discourse”; online and offline.

It’s best to do it when you have it. But, not so much when you fake it, be proud of it. According to the Urban Dictionary (the most trusted dictionary on the internet), “flex” can mean more than it does.

In addition to meaning action apparently and deliberately, “flex” can also refer to unsubstantiated boasting. In other words, a slap can show a false image of pride without any real foundation. The “flex” use case requires false.

Now, that’s the bad part of the word, but it’s not a “bad” part. There are many times when people can express things they don’t have for various reasons and “flex” can be used to describe that action! Another way to use “flex” is as a substitute for “scratch.”

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Urban Dictionary adds that “flex” can sometimes be used with or without sex. The tangent may seem out of the box, but there is a clear connection to the actual content of the string.

When someone distorts, they really choose the best parts of themselves and the worst and celebrate or put on an extraordinary display. However, it is a dark idea. It’s not immoral to make the perfect image of yourself if you want to. Oftentimes, most of us don’t like to talk about riding as a sight to behold. Therefore, giving a red image at the end is not a crime.

Now, in terms of flexibility, there is the best type of person. Time to take a wild guess. Name another time this happens? While dating!

. Everyone makes mistakes, but no one likes to show that mistake while dating. The goal is to stimulate a potential, attractive or attractive relationship after all.

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Certainly, if the relationship works and goes beyond flirting, affection and sheets, perfection will have a different definition. But when two or more people are new to each other in terms of love, everyone is relaxed about dating. How else would you pique interest? So “flex” has the meaning of “passion” and an understandable one.

Ever since “flex” came into the world of social media, it’s been another word for “exposure.” We have always recognized the pride of others and now, we have the same word in our mouths. This has made us turn to shows in every corner of real and virtual life. But, something happened. Something more special.

Every time a person presents on the Internet, they are admired, immediately removed from the nature of the show, or attracted to “flexible energy”. But after that, people began to show the most amazing things that often go unnamed.

). There were extreme parts of private life – those that could not be seen or heard once seen. Such flexibility was unnecessary and less rigid earned the “rough but ok” response.

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The first use of this phrase, so far, is said to be in 2018. In fact, this is possibly where the phrase was born. When activist Malala Yousufzai tweeted about her 2017 performance, her fellow Tweeter (Flinn Feighery), tweeted “Flex Weird, but OK.” This was the beginning of the slogan.

If the achievements are overstated, if they are inadequate, harsh, unnecessary, harsh, meaningless, irrelevant, in nature, or when something goes beyond the limits of the most important secret, they can be amazingly “flexible”. The “but, OK” part adds a dismissive attitude to the answer (“less flexible” does not always require “but ok”). It arouses unbridled curiosity because now, what is seen cannot be unassisted.

There are three main reasons you can use creative “flex” – referring to a real show, a fake show, and a fake show.

A moment of pride for one can feel like a moment of tenderness for the audience. It doesn’t always have to be a proud achievement milestone, but sometimes even a good announcement can be indulgent. You can use the word to tell someone’s performance, appreciate it, or talk about your own.

Root Words Flect, Flex = Bend.

LinkedIn is the best example of true flexibility. Everyone positively presents their talents, skills, professional achievements and everything is flexible. This branch of flexibility is a true showcase of personal and professional standards. So when you use “flex” in this context, it’s like you’re rooting for the person(s) instead of making fun of them.

Take a lot – and not necessarily just on sites like LinkedIn. When one breathes real flexibility that previously celebrated achievements, then that is flexibility – but with a downside.

This line has no positive side. A person can falsely celebrate something that does not work for him or, worse, did not even succeed (

). This strategy of building image, influencing perception, and even profiting from deception or promoting a false image is flexible – but it is facetious. As:

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The use case is strictly dedicated to the viral meme and focuses on how you can actually use it. You can send them messages or make memes! Regardless of usage, there is one important requirement when using “flex” in this context – the so-called success must be inappropriate, unnecessary, irrelevant, controversial, or anything that raises questions about many answers. E.g:

Since the “flex” has its roots in the gym, it may have made it advance the “expression” it does.

Flexibility, in essence, is the healthy habit of showing off something you’ve worked hard for. The reason it is unhealthy and sometimes unbearable is when the problem repeats itself on a population scale.

When someone presents the same thing over and over again until the audience gets fed up, it is similar to the concept of “flex” that is popular in social media today. But flexibility doesn’t always have to be a show that stops

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