What Is 30 Of 125

What Is 30 Of 125 – When you look at the product description, you will often see “125/250 Volts” for our 4 prong products. You’re like, “What does that mean?” you may wonder. or “how does this affect my use of the adapter?”

There are two hot wires for most 4-prong connectors and NEMA configurations. They are called hot wires because they are the wires used to carry electricity. When you have two hot wires, you have two sources of 125 volts. If your application for our transformer requires 125 volts, then only one hot wire will be used. If 250 volts are needed, then two hot wires are used. Only the voltage required by your application and adapter is used.

What Is 30 Of 125

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Champion Power Equipment 25 Ft. 30 Amp 125/250 Volt Duplex Style Flat Generator Extension Cord 100439

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