What Is 36 As A Fraction

What Is 36 As A Fraction – We do this by dividing the numerator and denominator by the largest number that can be exactly divided by both numbers. In other words, we share

Note that the numerator and denominator are called the “terms” of the fraction. So when we simplify a fraction, we reduce it to its simplest terms.

What Is 36 As A Fraction

For example, notice the three rectangles below, where the left side of each rectangle is shaded, and the resulting portion represents the shaded portion of the entire rectangle.

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All three images represent the same part of the whole, showing that each resulting fraction is equivalent to the other. But it is important to recognize that although they are equal, there is only one fraction in the simplest terms – 1/2.

As this example shows, our goal is to transform a fraction by creating an equivalent fraction whose terms no longer have common factors, as Lumen Learning points out.

The guess and check method is when we choose a number that we know is equally divisible by both the numerator and the denominator, but we are not sure if it is the largest. Therefore, you may need to reduce the fraction further if necessary.

Using the guess and check method, we can see that both 24 and 36 are divisible by 3.

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Note that this new fraction 2/3 is completely simplified because neither the numerator nor the denominator have any common factors.

While the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) method always gives us the largest number to divide.

And then we determine the NPC from factoring. Remember, when we find the NPV from a list of prime factors, we choose the lowest one.

This means that when reducing the fraction 24/36, we must divide both terms by 12 because this is the LDC for both terms.

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Both methods are perfectly acceptable, and it depends on personal preference which technique you want to use.

Obviously, if your “guess” is also the NPC, you will quickly simplify your fraction because the NPC will always give the smallest reduction.

Throughout this lesson, we will look at a number of examples of how to reduce fractions to their simplest form, as well as some practice problems where we first create a fraction and then reduce it to its lowest denominator.

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