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What Is Cupcaking – Four of my best friends have birthdays in mid-September and the end of October. I bake cookies for all of them, because it’s the best way I can think of to show my love. And because who doesn’t like something small, pink, delicate and, above all, edible? I think everyone should have something cute and a little indulgent for their birthday. Because All My Friends are beautiful, cool, and unique, they clearly need to have their own cookie dough. This is what I do, for whom and why.

Becky. Shirley Temple cupcakes. Becky and I have been friends for a long time. In fact, I think she might be the oldest friend I’m still with, other than my brother’s son. And my mother. You know. We jumped rope together and wrote silly letters to the boys while we were at the beach. We had a fake AIM account that we used to harass our crushes. I went to his bat mitzvah. He gave me an awesome birthday surprise in eighth grade. I have some really epic photos of us in our awkward moments. We go to the same college, where we grow a little, but we still go a long way, a long walk once a few weeks to reach, then we will be cold and gray and we will talk for a long time no break flow in starbucks. We were both accepted at Duke, and by chance we ended up two doors away from each other our freshman year. We got closer, made the same friends, dressed up to go to parties, had a few drunk nights. We’ve started a wonderful tradition of girls talking to Megan and Phoebe. And now we’re adults, living a few houses apart, and have been friends for 11 years. Oh.

What Is Cupcaking

It was because of all of this… in the past, that I decided to make Shirley Temple cupcakes for Becky. Because we were close when we were young enough to order shirley temple for dinner. And I seem to have very vague memories of some chicken fingers and shirley temples and something that was incredibly fun at night while jumping rope. And they’re just innocent and sweet and their own charm, and it seems reasonable. The cupcakes have a grenadine-based cake batter topped with lemon-lime cream cheese frosting. They came out great: nice color, nice fluffy that reminds me of a boxed mix that can be made from scratch, very sweet, and simple flavor.

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Phoebe. Strawberry Angel cake and lemonade. Phoebe and I were friends freshman year. I really don’t remember when we went from talking awkwardly in the hallway to having a late night conversation sitting on the bathroom floor, but it happened, and I’m glad. Now, even though we don’t see each other very often, he’s one of my favorite people to talk to. We both spent the summer stuck in Durham and spent a good portion of each weekend sitting in the library talking and arguing and laughing while he pretended to study for the orgy and I pretended to do research. Although I’m sure it’s a successful orgo study when the progress I’ve made in my research this summer is very limited. No I haven’t tried. I think stress is a science. However. One of the things I love about Phoebe is her respect for people’s personalities. She always makes me feel good about who I am – outgoing, thoughtful, calm when it comes to my social life – and she shows that there is an equal connection and respects friends who are different from me. . She and she is smarter and more focused and nicer than me and beautiful.

I made Phoebe’s Angel Food Lemon Treats because she loves them. The first time I made something like this we ate them sitting on the dock at Belmont Lake, and he told me about how his mother made this cake for her birthday every year, and how could I not make them? This version of the recipe is very good, at least in my opinion. The cake had a real lemon flavor and the fresh strawberries were brilliant in the icing. They were snappy. I can eat a lot.

Happy birthday September girl! And Megan, Margie, was happy. Start with my recommendations about your interests. Or better yet, she starts trying to make me associate your character with the kind of cupcake you want. It can be a fun experiment. When it comes to cooking, I leave that to the experts, like Lorenzo Whitfield, CEO of Ethereal Cupcakes in Hampton, Virginia. Having just celebrated their one year anniversary, this place churns out nearly 750 cupcakes a day. made with all-natural ingredients. Their options include gourmet, super gourmet, vegan and gluten-free, and even wine. With a food truck on the road they’re taking business by storm with stellar reviews on popular sites like Yelp raving about their cupcakes and genuine customers. Whitfield dropped the dough for a few moments to tell me about the perfect dough, why dough is cheap, and why his dough shouldn’t make you fat.

It’s not as easy to answer as one might think. A percentage of the cupcake recipes we feature are my own, so when I say they’re all my favorites, it’s true.

Cupcake Lovin’, Part One

Do you think that someone chooses a cake together with their personality, like dogs and their owners?

I never thought that. Although I’ve been told I look like a really good cupcake, round and brown (laughs).

Many bakeries substitute shortening for butter or use cake batter entirely in the name of reducing operating costs…in combination with color, flavor, and shelf life, all in the name of creating moist ideas. Also, sadly the same is true of the use of high fructose corn, which has been shown to promote obesity, disease and death… yes, I said death. The use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in baked goods is on the rise (no pun intended). While GMO product labeling is required in 64 countries, it’s not in the United States that there’s a reason why cheap cupcakes are so cheap and why it shouldn’t be eaten.

It has a long list of them, but mostly ingredients like; POLYSORBATE 60, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, Blue 1 and 2 and TBHQ. Most of these are found in cake mix, which is used by most bakers to create cakes and cupcakes. TBHQ, is actually a preservative which is a form of butane. It is used in food and baking to delay the onset of rancidity and extend the life of the food.

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Fast and 100% ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​100%101%101%-1000% right and wrong: pound.” Isn’t that great ?

By law, all Ethereal Cupcakes baking staff are required to taste everything we bake. But on average, I myself eat about seven cookies a week, but my employees bring home two of them a night (by their choice and desire), and they are all very hard. I personally believe it’s only because when you make dough and/or cookies with all natural or organic ingredients, the body knows how to waste them.

Maybe something with servo motors or a barbecue. Originally from Texas, beef is the first thing that comes to mind…weird huh?

The secret has to start with the perfect all natural or organic ingredients, with no artificial or artificial products. In short, cupcakes done the ethereal way. These Chocolate Mint Cupcakes have a fluffy, fluffy chocolate cupcake base with a velvety smooth mint buttercream frosting! They’re quick and easy to make, gorgeous for any occasion, and sure to please the crowd!

Perfect Vanilla Cupcake Recipe (video)

In cupcakes? I love cupcakes AKA because I have an entire cupcake section of the blog full of fun recipes! These mini cupcakes are so cute, filling and have the best texture! Also check out these super moist and mouthwatering nutella cupcakes, or give these triple chocolate cupcakes some love!

Step 2: In a large bowl, combine the granulated sugar, vegetable oil, room temperature eggs, vanilla extract, room temperature sour cream, and room temperature buttermilk. Beat until smooth.

Step 3: Put the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Mix with a whisk just until stiff

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