What Is Oedipus Tragic Flaw

What Is Oedipus Tragic Flaw – Oedipus ● Oedipus continues his accusation and says he will kill Creon. ● Jocasta, wife of Oedipus and sister of Creon, enters. She was scared.

Presentation of the Theme: “Oedipus ● Oedipus continues to make accusations and says he is going to kill Creon. ● Jocasta, Oedipus’ wife and Creon’s sister, enters. She is horrified.”

What Is Oedipus Tragic Flaw

Oedipus ● Oedipus continues to make accusations and says he will kill Creon. ● Jocasta, wife of Oedipus and sister of Creon, enters. She was shocked by the fight and death threats between her husband and brother. ● Jocasta and the Chorus urge Oedipus to listen to Creon’s honest pleas and defend himself. ● Creon blows the wind. ● Jocasta asks Oedipus what is going on. He explained that he was accused of killing Lois. He left out the “you could be my mom” part.

Hamartia In Oedipus Rex

2 ● Jocasta replied that these prophecies were absurd. For example, Jocasta says that her son Laius was prophesied to kill his father, but to prevent it they killed the child as a child. Additionally, Laius was killed by foreign thieves, none of whom could be his son. ● Oedipus looks back after hearing the story. Suddenly, he worries that he might turn out to be a murderer. He asks Jocasta many questions about where the murder took place and other details. ● Confused, Jocasta reveals that one of Laius’s servants survived a crossing accident.

3 ● Oedipus insists on calling the servant with questions. Oedipus tells Jocasta that when he was young, a man once told him that his mother and father were not his real parents. It was also prophesied that he would kill his father and sleep with his mother. ● Oedipus also reveals that a minor accident at the crossroads killed several men. He believes that he can find out from the servant whether the king’s killers are many or not. “One man cannot be many,” says Oedipus. ● He says that if he is the only murderer, it will prove his guilt.

4 Hamartia of Oedipus ● For centuries scholars have debated with each other an important question: What is hamartia of Oedipus, often called a tragic disorder? ● Every tragic hero in Aristotle’s poetry must have one of these, and tragedy is what happens to the hero. Aristotle also mentions Oedipus as the best example of a tragic hero. What is Oedipus Hamartia and why has it remained unclear for generations?

5 Theory # 1: Determination ● If Oedipus had not been determined to find out who was the real killer of Laius, he would never have known the terrible truth of his life. Is this really a bug? Another way to think about it: Oedipus exemplifies a human trait that is actually valued and admired: decisiveness. ● The cause of Oedipus’ death and to solve the mystery is to save his people. Oedipus seems to be doing what a good ruler should do.

How Does Oedipus Exhibit Weakness Of Character?

6 Theory #2: Anger ● Oedipus has anger. A strange rage drives him to unknowingly kill his father. His father’s murder is a necessary link to Oedipus’ downfall, making his violent rage a good candidate for a tragic disorder. ● The Oedipus defense has a good case. And there he was – a lone traveler, minding his own business. Then, with no other choice, many people came out, routed him and beat him on the head with whips. If we were Oedipus, we would also be angry.

7 ● Killing off all but one of them seems like an overreaction to a modern audience. They lived in turbulent times. A man has the right to defend himself when attacked, especially when alone on a deserted road. ● We see Oedipus’ anger when he insults both Creon and Teiresias; This time he talks trash – no ninja-style violence. ● These angry figures don’t do the most important thing in Hamartia – they don’t cause Oedipus’ downfall, and nothing else happens. Anger does not make Oedipus sleep with Jocasta, which is a major part of his downfall.

8 Principle #3: Hubris ● Hubris = excessive pride. ● I do not deny that Oedipus is a proud man. ● Thebes was saved from the Sphinx. Had he not arrived and solved the riddle of the Sphinx, the city would still be in awe of the creature. Oedipus seems to have a right to the throne of Thebes. Oedipus tried to escape his fate

9 ● Ironically, his attempt to avoid this fate led him to kill his real father Laius and marry his mother Jocasta. ● It cannot be denied that Oedipus will end up doing the very thing he fears in his attempt to avoid his fate. This is perhaps the most famous view of Oedipus’ Hamartia. ● But what else is Oedipus to do? He should have thrown his hands up and said, “Well, if it’s my destiny, we’ll just have to get through this.” ● Is it really wrong to try to avoid doing such horrible things?

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10 Principle #4: We Get It All Wrong ● Correctly translated as an error or mistake in judgment. ● You can summon Hamara even if the hero commits these mistakes while unknown. A hero doesn’t need to be called a “criminal” on purpose.

11 ● The word hamartia comes from the Greek hamartanine, meaning “missing sign”. ● The hero shoots his arrows through the bull’s eye, but hits something completely unexpected. Oedipus is the best example of this. Oedipus’ goal is to find the assassin Laius to save Thebes. He achieves this, but unfortunately brings disaster in the process. ● Oedipus aims for the bull’s-eye, but it hits him in the eye.

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2 Many events in Oedipus Rex are based on prophecy.  Oedipus is prophesied to marry his mother and kill his father.  If the gods ever predicted these events, they never happened.  Oedipus probably never left Corinth. Both Laius and Oedipus try to ‘escape’ the prophecy, but fail.

3 Division The ancient Greeks believed that the gods were human, but possessed special powers. One interpretation of Oedipus Rex is that Oedipus is being punished for what his father did. Laius was ‘punished’ for trying to seduce the son of a god. No matter how the human characters act, they cannot escape their fate.

4 The Tragic Legend Another interpretation sees Oedipus as a tragic legend According to this interpretation Oedipus is responsible for what ultimately happens to him.

5 The Tragic Hero Oedipus has two tragic flaws.  Pride. Oedipus sees himself as a king, which is frowned upon in Greece. His guilt is his pride when he accuses others against himself.  True. Oedipus is repeatedly warned not to inquire into the matter of his parents. Instead, Oedipus chooses to ignore this advice, leading to disaster.

Essay 2 Oedipus Tragic Hero

6 The Culture of Oedipus However, it is also possible to interpret these errors differently. Being proud, he may be aware of his station. It is also true that he rose to kingship because of his ability to restrain the Sphinx. He may have Thebes’ interests at heart when he threatens to punish anyone who withholds information.

7 Conclusion Two Possible Explanations The events that happen to Oedipus are not his fault. No matter what Laius and Oedipus do, they cannot escape the prophecy. Oedipus is a tragic hero.  His ‘terrible flaw’ is pride, or passion, and such mistakes lead to his downfall. However, it is possible to interpret his behavior in a negative and negative way – his pride may be the reason for his decision to help the city.

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