What Is Roofball

What Is Roofball – The Big 4 League better watch out. The Roofball Federation of America is here! This could be a real Basketball in the making. (This is from 2008, but was only posted on youtube a few months ago).

Remember when you were a kid, hanging out with all the other kids in the neighborhood and making up random games with whatever sports and/or household items you had lying around? Now, how cool would it be if those games were broadcast with quality video and audio production, a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner almost as good as the Big Cat, slow motion replay, and a solid announcer team? It’s the Roofball!

What Is Roofball

It’s like an old school Barstool video. Just manly guys trying to make athletic plays while wearing jeans and sneakers. It’s like tailgating before a big game, but the tailgate is the game. I don’t know why they waited 15 years to release it, but we have it now and it’s delicious.

Roofball World Championships

If the ball is thrown over the roof, it’s -5 points and you have to pick up the ball (beep!)

There is also a parked car on the left side of the driveway that you will want to avoid.

I did some research and found out the 2023 RFA Championship is March 18th at the same home in Beaverton, OR. Less than a month and across the country, but who knows. Duggs might make it!

Barstool Sportsbook has arrived in PA, MI, IL, IN, CO, VA, NJ, TN, AZ, IA, WV, LA, KS, MD, OH, MA. Must be 21+. Problem gambling? Call 1 – 800 – GAMBLER JOIN TODAY Not the only source to find descriptions of life in Pemigewassett. The following—written by 7 campers ages 9 to 17—was compiled for reasons as varied as a back-to-school homework assignment for an ED college admissions essay. Some were written just last month; others were created years ago and played important roles in men’s next steps in academia. We are happy to know that these young people have chosen to share their camp experiences with the “real world” and thank you for presenting them here for the Pemi family to read and enjoy.

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Pemi is located in Wentworth, NH near Hanover. It has fun, loving counselors and kids who are always so nice. This is a sleep away camp and you can choose whether you want to go there for 7 weeks or 3.5 weeks. The sunrise at Camp Pemigawasset is truly a sight to behold as it includes all the colors of the rainbow. Pemi has healthy food. Don’t worry kids the chef is making pancakes. They offer desert at lunch and dinner. They call their dining room the mess room.

Pemi’s sports program is very strong. Every week you can choose a job. Each week you can choose from sports to nature programs to sailing and more for 1st hour, 2nd hour, 3rd hour and 4th hour. We have a rivalry every year at Camp Tecumseh and it is very competitive. This is the oldest camp rivalry in the entire country! Every year we compete against Tecumseh in many sports and we call it Tecumseh Day, while they call it Pemi Day. Whoever wins gets a metal trophy in the shape of a hat. This trophy is very old and has been passed between Tecumseh and Pemi for 98 years. Tecumseh held it for twenty years, but Pemi took it back this year. When the buses came in with the Pemi children from Tecumseh there was a lot of noise. Children jump from the emergency exit and sirens add to all the screaming. The whole camp entered the lake and everyone started splashing each other. There was so much splashing that people couldn’t even see. Pemi is a unique place.

Have you been on vacation for the summer? Like going to Trinidad, Las Vegas, going on a cruise, stuff like that? Well…have you ever thought about going to a sleep away camp? I know someone well! It was called Camp Pemigewassett.

Camp Pemigewassett is a camp in Wentworth, New Hampshire. The first time I went to Camp Pemigewassett (aka Camp Pemi or Pemi) I went for three and a half weeks. I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to go home. The second time I made sure I went for the Full Session, seven weeks!

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At Pemi you can do all kinds of things like wakeboarding, archery, sports, arts and crafts, music, swimming, traveling, hiking and performing. These activities are called work.

Every day after lunch we have a break. Rest time is a time in your cabin to relax. If you are not tired, you can play cards, read, write letters, listen to iPods without a screen, etc. quietly Monday we have bean soup. Bean soup is when everyone in the camp meets at the post lodge to listen to funny stories, songs, rewrites, twisted experiences, poems and other funny and interesting things. At dinner, campers and counselors hand in their articles to read at Boontjiesop.

Every Saturday we have a “Campfire.” This is when the camp sits in a large circle around a campfire and the campers come to perform, jokes, riddles, plays, songs, skits, etc. Campfires are great because it’s basically your whole camp family coming together to see you perform. It feels good to show people your talent and know they are happy and proud of you.

Every Sunday we cook something for dinner. Afterwards, when everyone dresses in polos, button-down shirts, slacks or nice shorts and gathers at the main lodge to talk about the history of Camp Pemi.

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Now let’s talk about cabin life. Since Camp Pemi is a sleep away camp, we sleep in cabins. Staying in a cabin is probably one of the most fun things to experience at camp. In my cabin there are two bunk beds and three more regular beds. Five of the beds are for campers. The other two are for the counselor and the A-C (Assistant Counselor). The special thing is that living in a cabin with people around you makes you feel like you are all a close family. The feeling is so good, it seems too perfect to be true.

To prevent the camp from being boring, the camp directors organize the activities for each day. Jobs take place between 09:20 and 11:30. Of the jobs I’ve done, kneeboarding is probably the best! I also tried wake-boarding, but after my second fall the boat driver said I should try knee-boarding. That’s a great idea!

So personally I think Camp Pemi is a great place. Everyone is there for you when you need them. Can I rate Camp Pemi on a scale of 1-10 and recommend it to you? I would recommend it to you, but I wouldn’t rank it. Camp Pemi is such a beautiful and amazing family judging by the numbers. I’m sure any boy from the age of 8 to 15 will love Camp Pemigewassett.

When I first went to camp it was unusual, going down the hill to camp was one of the most beautiful things in my life with the shiny lake and the big pleasant forest. When I first got to my cabin, I met with my counselor and unpacked my gear for the next three and a half weeks ahead of me.

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After I unpacked my things, one of my cabin mates took me on a tour of the camp with a few other cabin mates. I was surprised at how big the camp was and how many things there were to do. After the tour we went up to the mess hall for lunch. The first lunch was very nice.

The next day I had my first cabin inspection. The cabin inspection is where one of the other advisors comes to inspect your cabin. The things inspectors do are check your nails, check your bed for sand, check for dirt/sand on the floor, check for cluttered shelves, and check for a cluttered balcony.

A few days later I had the first camp soccer game and we beat the other camp 5-2. After that game, soccer became my favorite sport and I still play a lot to this day.

Almost every day the counselors try to play a game called Frisbee Running Bases (FRB.) In Frisbee Running Bases the goal of the game is to run around the base as many times as possible without getting hit by the Frisbee (counselors throw the Frisbee.) Everyone at camp wants to play it.

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The camp’s comedy program is called Boontjiesop. Some people trick first-time campers into carving spoons and bringing them to the show. Bean Soup basically makes fun of everything that happened that week. They have it every Monday night.

It’s called the camp’s talent show

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