What8 – Karma, reaping what you sow, seizing power, financial success. These are the basis of the numerological meaning of the immortal and eternal number “8”.

The eighth of all numbers, the symbolism of 8 is more of a symbol of spirit than of matter. In the spiritual sense of numbers, our “will” is synonymous with our soul, so the number 8 indicates that the power of will overcomes the material world and lives on forever.


If your life path number is 8, it means you are a “can do” person. You have a natural talent for making those around you feel safe with your efforts. This is partly due to the calmness and confidence that comes with speaking the truth to the best of your ability. Eight can’t lie (oh, they might try, but they find themselves utterly speechless). Also, the 8 is in a long-term relationship, but sharper and drier. If you’re a romantic, don’t expect hearts or flowers from a personality 8. Because you are left in a vacuum.

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One of the lessons the Eight must learn on this life path is knowing how to listen to advice. Even if their intentions are good, if they make a rule, it should become the law. When others question them, they can be very stubborn and persistent to the point of hurting their feelings. Once the 8 people overcome this and learn how to negotiate, things will go more smoothly.

Another conflict for 8s in this life is over-vigilance. In other words, you may miss an opportunity by overthinking it. When that happens, the eight shrug and say, “One door closes and another opens.” Oddly enough, this is exactly what happens in Eight Lives.

In numerology, the 8 represents what can be called a business. This mystical number is more focused than any other and seeks success and prestige in your career. In this unit, 8 is also the number of your karmic balance, so tread carefully. Eight requires careful ethics rather than simply climbing a ladder to earn. Those who abuse their power or do anything to achieve their goals (regardless of their impact on others) will surely see their karma bounce back like a boomerang.

There is a clear duality to the life and symbolism of the 8. On the one hand, you are a “material girl” and love the mundane things that some consider to be gateways to all kinds of seduction. What they don’t understand is that in the world of 8 money is just a means to an end. needed to move forward. As a result, the 8 can also be reckless with money. One day they rub their wildest dreams and the next change to get rich. But 8 always seems to be able to get up, shake off and move on.

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Some of the best-known meanings of the number 8 in numerology include drive, detailed direction, and aptitude. The eight personalities are practical and goal-oriented.

Like the number 1, the 8 can be a fluent, quick-witted and very powerful leader. These qualities play a big part in why the 8 excels at business matters. Eights are not afraid to face problems, but solve them with such diplomatic grace that they are solved before people even know what hit them.

Interestingly, some aspirants who know numerology have even legally changed their names in the hope that the number 8 will bring them fame and fortune. Unfortunately, this intention often starts from a negative standpoint, drawing into the image 8’s equally negative attributes, such as complacency, greed, and hostility. Lightworkers advise you to work on your birth number. Because it forms part of your soul and life lessons.

To better understand the nature of the 8, we can look at its global symbolism. It represents Christ’s Consciousness, Manifestation, Cosmic Order (Egypt), Matter, Rebirth, Universe (China), Brilliant Sun (Babylon), Clairvoyance (Pythagoras), and Path to Nirvana (Buddhism). No wonder the number 8 has such a powerful impact on an individual’s life and the lives of those around them. There are many energies that vibrate in one incarnation.

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People with destiny number 8 are strong-willed and have an even greater drive for success. Your destiny in this incarnation is usually bright, full of prosperity and success. Like coal under pressure, you are a diamond that pushes forward in difficult situations.

Victory 8 Energy vibrations are not necessarily associated with money, but rather with power. Perhaps tied to the leadership of a particular organization that doesn’t necessarily make a lot of money.

Somehow trouble seems to haunt you, lurking around every corner. Part of this has to do with others being jealous of their achievements, and part is simply the nature of the number 8 – it’s usually feasting or starvation.

Remember you are like a cat. Always land on your feet and it can take a lot of time to reach your goal. If you were a car, you would have the best shock system in the universe.

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Children born with soul number 8 are often strange birds that people don’t fully understand. These people are capable of seemingly impossible things, but they do it in silence (even secretly).

Eventually, the introvert will temporarily break out of his shell and say, “Oh, oh, look what I did!” And everyone around you says ‘ah’ and ‘ah’ (literally). There is no doubt that the future of this soul will be fulfilled.

Eights can multitask, but are happiest when they focus on a project they can turn into a masterpiece.

The story reminds them fondly of a great scientist, politician, or… Well, it turns out (and the bigger the picture, the happier they are).

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As the eight souls tread a darker path, they become relentless, giving the word “extreme” a new meaning. As long as the 8’s are in the light, they can be very generous, wise, and insightful.

Business-focused Eights really need a relationship that keeps them connected to their humanity. Their honesty and consistency make them excellent partners. Praising the eight for their efforts improves overall trust and helps the eight to be more social. It also gives you the opportunity to release the emotions that you normally hide from the world.

When eight people have a child, they become the ultimate provider, and in some cases extreme. The key words here are safety and comfort. If 8 is on the decline, he will be very worried about his children. But when the eight grow up financially, they will enjoy being parents a lot.

In his spare time, he enjoys challenging sports that push his limits. In balance with this, I also enjoy simpler, quieter, more meditative tasks like Sudoku. Back home, in a strange dichotomy, the eight love their new devices, especially those that save them time (perhaps because they have more time to work). You can also create a series of “to do” lists for 8. This is another of his ways of applying the positive energy of the 8.

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As you can imagine, career number 8 is the brightest number. It may take him a decade or more for this 8 to reach a level of prestige and success, but once there, he can do well financially and earn the respect of those around him.

The eight has many options for his path to great careers, including medicine, banking, financial planning, legal services, and brokerage. Note to the eighth person – remember that there is life after work. Forget office work and relax once in a while. A lot of work can often make Eights very bored and lonely. Eights are direct, authoritative, impassioned, and resolute, striving for truth and justice. Others may perceive Eights as confrontational, intimidating, loud, and controlling.

Eights believe that they must be strong and powerful to ensure protection and respect in a difficult world. As a result, the Protector seeks justice, is direct, powerful, and action-oriented, but can also be overly influential, excessive, and sometimes impulsive.

You become strong and powerful, gain protection and respect by asserting your personal truth and hiding your weaknesses.

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Eights use denial to avoid weakness and maintain a strong self-image. They try to influence the world and other people instead of being receptive. The pressure of denying vulnerability lowers your emotional energy and prevents you from receiving all of life’s gifts.

Observe your mental habits and attentional focus with as little judgment as possible. As you notice your emotions and body reactions, ask yourself the following questions:

Eight’s journey is about embracing innocence and approaching each situation with a fresh eye, recognizing that each situation has its own truth. This means learning how to curb the boundless instinctive energy and slow the high-stakes tendency to move from desire to action.

An aspect of consciousness called the Inner Observer allows us to witness the inner patterns that drive our outer actions. The contents of the practice are

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